Scotch Snaps - The Big Picture
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Timings of sections and keywords

0:00:00 Titles, intro
0:01:15 Language rhythm and definition
0:02:39 Comin' thru the Rye and Farewell Aragog (Harry Potter)
0:03:30 Strathspeys
0:04:38 Gaelic singing and place names (Scottish and Irish)
0:06:49 Andy Stewart and Harry Lauder: Road to the Isles
0:07:39 Bagpipes: Road to the Isles, music theory, The Inverness Gathering
0:10:07 Summary so far; language rhythm - Lombardy, English, Welsh
0:11:51 Hungarian, Bartók, incl. Divertimento (II)
0:13:01 Italian, Spanish, English language rhythms
0:14:42 Why Scotch Snaps are important. Metric puns in the Strathspey
0:17:00 Metric puns in West Africa, time line in kitchen
0:18:13 Polymetricity
0:20:18 Malaysian line dancing. Differences and similarities Scotland <-> W. Africa
0:24:00 Demographics: 3 sources of immigration to N. America
0:27:12 Central European view: similarity Soctland <-> W. Africa
0:27:25 Dvořák, New World Symphony and snaps, incl. Magnificent 7
0:29:57 Cowboys; black & white, Burleigh, Oklahoma, Blazing Saddles, Civil War, rural poor
0:31:33 Robertson: Sallie Gooden into Carolina Chocolate Drops
0:34:00 Carolina Chocolate Drops; Joe Thompson and string band tradition
0:35:08 Slave and poor white populations; similarity of ‘Scotch´ and ‘Nigger’ melodies
0:36:11 Foster, Emmett, etc; further hybridisation
0:37:52 Mahalia Jackson: Roll Jordan Roll
0:39:05 Forced integration in church then segregation after abolition
0:40:18 Burleigh, spirituals, Fisk Jubilee Singers, musical apartheid, banjo, melismas, etc.
0:41:52 Hybridisation; Carolina Chocolate Drops: ‘all the cultures involved’
0:43:11 Montage: James Brown, Ry Cooder, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones, Woodie Guthrie, Buck Owens
0:45:46 ‘Teeown´, twang, Northamptonshire
0:48:09 Rural poor, poor laws, poaching, repression, banishment and deportation
0:51:25 Albion Country Band: Van Diemen’s Land
0:54:05 English before the Scots and Irish (Celtic?); high- and low-class speech; ‘rustic snaps’
0:55:57 John Blow and Henry Purcell (Chacony in G minor)
0:57:31 Snaps fall out of favour: merchant classes in London, Rule Britannia, class difference
0:58:57 Upgrading music; importing composers
0:59:58 The Beggar’s Opera; upgrading, no snaps, Heart of Oak
1:01:42 US Independence; musical notions of England frozen
1:03:31 The English don’t exist musically!
1:05:22 ‘Celtic’, qu’est-ce que c’est? And ‘Celtic music’?
1:08:28 What music had English labourers in the Virginias actually heard?
Did Brythonic influence English-language syntax and prosody?
1:11:42 Ethnicity, class and the snap
1:13:24 Final words
1:14:06 End credits
1:14:53 End

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