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produced by Philip Tagg since 2005
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Go to top of fileMusematic edutainment videos produced in 2016 and thereafter


Jochen Eisentraut: Interview with Philip Tagg — a Star of Popular Music Scholarship. [56:32; 2021-02-08] A Talk in Ideas interview. Says Jochen: “Philip Tagg is one of the pioneers of the academic study of popular music. He is known for his rich analyses of musical meaning in songs and TV themes such as ABBA's 'Fernando' and the title music of the 70s American cop series Kojak. He typically looks at both the musical material itself and its meanings and connotations. Dr Tagg was professor of musicology at the Université de Montréal and his work is widely quoted in the academic literature. In this thoughtful interview he talks about his work and his ideas about music, politics and culture..” [Uploaded 2021-02-08 to Jochen Eisentraut’s ‘Talk in Ideas’ channel on YouTube; + Phi safety copy free from YouTube and Google snooping on this site.]


Phi Vimeo icon C Ph E Bach: Rondo II in C minor (Wq 59/4) from 5th collection of keyboard pieces 1785. [5:42; 1994/2020] A crazy piece that changes affect every second or two, a bit like nervous cutting in an action movie, except that it’s a euroclassical rondo. Each museme stack has its very clear ‘meaning’. It switches mood as starkly as it switches key and takes on all contemporary styles from the galant to Papa Johann Sebastian’s toccatas and fantasias. First time I heard this piece I fell on the floor with side-splitting laughter every time the loud Neapolitan sixth chord was thrust at me. While there’s something of Monty Python and MTV about the piece, it’s also quite disturbing, I think. Where on earth were things going if you were living in Hamburg in 1785? Where are they going today in Europe and North America? Synchronised notation. My own recording, using the standard Piano preset on a Korg M1 synthesiser.

Sven Klang pic

Vimeo iconPhi Sven Klangs Kvintett: Whispering and Over The Rainbow [4:55; 2019-09-29]. Two key scenes (here at 00:12 and 02:15) demonstrating the power of music and the music of power. You don’t have to be a Charlie Parker fan but it's hard not to respect his music when you hear/watch this clip (Christer Boustedt on sax)

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Vimeo icon Que la bête meure: opening sequences (2019-09-05)

Two videos (06:25 and 02:51) for music analysis of opening sequences to Chabrol film Que la bête meure (1969). Includes timings, synchronised score of Brahms excerpts, English translations from French and German, etc.

Φ Benny Andersson interviewed in 2011 by Fredrik Skalvan re ‘political’ and 1970s (extract, 1:59, 2019-06-09). In Norwegian and Swedish with English subtitles.

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Duo Seraphim

Vimeo icon Duo Seraphim (4:42, HD, 2018-04-05)

SSATTB anthem for Trinity by Philip Tagg, sung by the choir of King’s College Cambridge, conducted by David Willcocks, on Trinity Sunday, 1963. This video includes the synchronised score. Apologies for the abysmal audio quality of the recording — via a Philips reel-to-reel machine at 3¾ i.p.s. with distortion at high-volume peaks, all transferred to cassette. Still, the gutsy enjoyment of the piece is infectious, unmistakable and rendered faultlessly by the choir. I was impressed then and still am 58 years later. Worth a listen even if the audio quality is rubbish. Full score also available separately.

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Vimeo icon John Mellencamp inducted by Billy Joel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Pink Houses (live, 2008) (2018-03-16) [12:04]

‘Don’t let this club membership change you, John’, says Billy Joel [3:35]. ‘We need you to be pissed off and restless... People are scared and angry... They need a voice like yours to echo the discontent out there in the heartland... Someone’s got to tell them “don’t take any shit” and, John, you do that very well.’ John says ‘The sword is a mighty weapon but it ain’t nothing compared to the songs and the words in the songs we sing.’ Then [6:40] he and the band do a live performance of Pink Houses (originally on LP Uh-Uh from 1983). This video contains English subtitles, song lyrics, chords, a little bit of notation and a few extra images. It has been edited down to 12 minutes and the audio track improved from the original ceremony [28:49] on YouTube.

Go to top of fileVimeo icon NYPD Blue Title Music: semiotic analysis, provisional version (Sept 2018) [51:54]

Vimeo icon NYPD Blue video startNYPD title still

Music carries a lot of important ideas and ideologies in this 60-sec piece of US prime-time TV. How does it work?

[0:27] Intro. [1:22] Mike Post & Steve Bochko. [2:11] Original visuals with Post’s music and time code. [3:25] Same with basic notation added. [4:37] Progress bar and narrative structure. [5:36] Overall parameters (a) speed, (b) visual editing, (c) tonicality. [8:45] Semiotics: AO, IOCM, PMFCs. [11:22] 'A' section: library music IOCM & PMFCs. [15:44] 'B' section IOCM, PMFCs and pastorality: (a) Vaughan Williams, (b) library music. [20:21] Triangle AO > IOCM> PMFC > AO and the deductive connection ('B' section). [23:23] Intrinsically musical analysis. [26:00] The 4th corner (PMFC[AO]): reception tests, Mike Post, drums and subway. [29:17] Big drum sound types 1 (‘smack’) and 2 (‘boom’); modern mechanised warfare. [33:59] WW1 footage and Vaughan Williams. [35:58] Vaughan Williams, WW1, Butterworth, Gurney, shell shock. [38:36] My great uncle, remembrance, loss. [39:44] Critiques of musical pastorality. [41:25] ‘Paradise’ and ‘Paradise Lost’. incl. taptoe from Pastoral Symphony (1922) and mass graves. [43:45] English musical pastorality as Utopia. [44:36] Jingoism, the Euroclassical tonal idiom and nationalistic fervour [45:37] Rule Britannia. [46:06] Land Of Hope & Glory. [47:45] Onward Christian Soldiers (4 versions). [50:35] Terror chords: Holst, Star Wars and games audio [51:50] temporary ending.

? Right-click to download —> "Save link as..." Downloading this video direct from avoids eventual buffering problems.

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Vimeo icon Supplement (6:54, 2017-10-23) to Dominants and Dominance (see here) I-IV-V, I-V-IV, etc. incl. La bamba, Guantanamera and Almost Gone (Eagles)

? How to make a short extract from a video into a loopable file using Sony Vegas 12 (2017-10-19) [1:49] 6-step instructions

Vimeo icon How to download Vimeo files to a PC (2017-10-15) [1:17] video 4-step instructions (Dickson of Dock Green example) . See also Vimeo Help Centre.

WIkihow 6 Easy (and Safe) Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3.

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Phil Collins

? Phil Collins, Gated Toms and Ringo [3:56] [2017-09-21] Extracts from 1998 interview on French TV. Original integral version posted by Tony Menard on YouTube in December 2015. Section 1: Story of the Gated Toms [0:06, ff.]. 2: Respect for Ringo [2:52, ff.].

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Miami Vice theme

Vimeo icon Miami Vice Theme: score [HD 1:25] [2017-09-17] Jan Hammer’s 1984 theme music transcribed by Bob Clarida, as in Ten Little Title Tunes, p.633, ff. and synchronised with the original audio.

Selected IOCM and analysis snippets

[1] IOCM Miami Vice <‘>The Who: My Generation [0:16] (2017-08-13).

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Vimeo icon Purcell: Fantasia for 4 Viols, Z738 (1680) [4:55] [2017-08-12] An extraordinary 4½ minutes of very moving music, including numerous ‘false’ relations that are anything but, as well as sudden and brief mood swings: fantasia indeed! Concentus Musicus’ (Vienna) Viol Consort and a crisply reset synchronised score in G and F clefs (no C clefs).

Vimeo icon Dowland: The Earle of Essex His Galiard = Can She Excuse My Wrongs? (1605) [4:04] [2017-06-30] 3 versions with synchronised 3-stave (5-part) notation as reduction.

Vimeo icon Dowland: The King of Denmark’s Galiard (1605) [3:32] [2017-06-30] 3 versions with synchronised 2-stave (5-part) notation as reduction with chord shorthand.

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Fernando Flute episode 1

Vimeo icon Fernando the Flute - Episode 1: Score and Musemes [15:36] [2017-05-17] Semiotic music analysis materials accompanying the book Fernando the Flute IV (2017). Includes: [1] synchronised score of the English version of "Fernando" (Abba, 1976) [01:02-05:23]; [2] Basic musematic method (IOCM & PMFCs) [05:23-11:38]; [3] Quick presentation of musemes [11:38-14:56]; [4] End credits [14:56-15:35].

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Doing the omoralisk omslag

Vimeo icon Nationalteatern/Nynningen: Doing the omoralisk schlagerfestival (1975) [4:26] [2017-05-14] [1] Original SvTV2 footage from Alternativfestivalen synced with audio from MNW single. [2] On-screen synchronised Swedish lyrics with [3] English subtitles and [4] lead-sheet chords. Credits at end. Kolla också Nanne & Peter Grönvalls förträffliga live metalversion från 2010.

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Lives In The Balance

Vimeo icon Jackson Browne: Lives In The Balance (1986) [5:03] [2017-04-27] Analysis material: [1] original audio and video with [2] on-screen synchronised English lyrics with [3] subtítulos en español, [4] lead-sheet chords, [5] harmony annotations, [6] instrumental annotations. This song, recorded at the time of Reagan's illegal dirty-tricks war in Central America, is unfortunately just as topical in 2017 as it was in 1986. ‘There's a shadow on the faces of the men that send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs’. The music here is as politically expressive as are the lyrics and video montage.

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Gabriel's Oboe Transcription

? Morricone: Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission (1986) synchronised transcription [2:06] [2017-04-07]

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Macahan titles

Vimeo icon How the West Was Won (Macahans) [3:35] [2017-03-11] TV Title sequences (1970s): (1) straight; (2) with simplified score and titled commentary

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Vimeo icon How to put notated music examples into text documents [6:49] [2017-01-28] How to export a music example from MuseScore as an image file, how to format that image file using Photoshop and to make it fit perfectly into the text file you’re writing.

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Victor Jara score

Vimeo icon Hoola Bandoola Band: Victor Jara [4:56] [2016-12-10]. Original recording [4:27] of Hoola Bandola's Victor Jara (1975), synchronised throughout with adequate transcription. For discussion of this tune and for more material about it, including English translation of Swedish lyrics, click here.

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Woody Allen Nevsky

Vimeo icon Love & Death pastiche of Alexander Nevsky battle scene [1:24] [2016-12-08] Battle scene from Woody Allen's Love and Death (1975: 0:21:00-0:22:11) in which Prokofiev's music for the ‘Battle on the Ice’ scene in Alexander Nevsky is performed at 186 bpm, not 122!

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????????? ???????

? Alexander Nevsky (dir. Eisenstein, mus. Prokofiev) with embedded timecode and new English subtitles [1:48:31] [2016-12-03]. To avoid frustration with download times and endless buffering it may be worth downloading the whole film to your own hard drive. Restored version (1986) of complete Mosfilm original (1938). I've added over 500 legible English subtitles for the dialogue, titles and credits. Timecode has also been added throughout to facilitate exact and unequivocal referencing of sonic and visual events. For more info and for other materials relevant to studying this film, especially its music, click here. [HELP]

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QuartalMontage clip

Tagg on Vimeo The Quick Quartal Repertoire Montage [7:27] [2016-11-01]; also radically abbreviated version on YouTube [3:03].Demonstrates the breadth of repertoire and the everyday ubiquity of quartal harmony. Contains extracts of music by Borodin, Debussy, Bartók, Stravinsky, Hindemith, Copland, Joni Mitchell, King Crimson, Manfred Mann, Clarence Ashley. Features also news jingles (ABC, CBS, BBC, ITN, Channel 9, Antenne 2, Canale Cinque), quartal signals on digital devices and power chords for Manga videos. It was originally used as illustration to the "Scotland" PowerPoints (Nov 2016).

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PT Helsinki Tonality

Vimeo icon Tonality & Modality (1:09:12, HD, 2016-09-08)
Constructive critique of some of conventional music theory’s most embarrassing conceptual excesses. Live presentation at NIMiMS (Network for the Inclusion of Music in Music Studies), Symposium, 20 Nov, 2015. Helsinki University, Musicology, Topelia building. Video: Jouni Eerola / JAPA.


PT Helsinki Backbeat

Vimeo icon Backbeats, Bluenotes and Scotch Snaps (49:39, HD, 2016-06-17) Music analysis v. standard historical narrative. Live presentation at NIMiMS (Network for the Inclusion of Music in Music Studies), Symposium, 20 Nov, 2015. Helsinki University, Musicology, Topelia building. Video: Jouni Eerola / JAPA. Also on YouTube

When David Heard

?         Thomas Weelkes (1575-1623): When David Heard  [3:34] [2016-07-22] No parent should have to experience the death of their child. Despite its modest resources, this SSAATB madrigal is about as passionately devastating as music can get. The grief is deceptively decent but very moving and raw: Hollywood and Grand Opera, go home! Check out the "false relations" in bars 7 and 48 (twice); the woeful Neapolitan sixths in bars 22-24, 33, 36; the exposed "O"-s in bars 28-29, 50-55; the sudden A minor chord (in C minor) at the end of bar 10 (ouch!); and the 19 outbursts of "Would God I had died for thee!" in bars 39-49. Score synchronised with recording by The Consort of Musicke (clear, unaccompanied single voices) under Anthony Rooley (1999).


Tagg on Vimeo Tagg's Paris Voice Montage [17:33] [2016-03-01] 79 numbered vocal extracts (± 13" per extract) from dozens of different styles/cultures and including scores of different vocal personas. Used at conference La voix dans les chansons : approches musicologiques, Paris 2016-03-04, to highlight central issues about the perception and description of voice in music. Best if seen/heard in conjunction with the following: [1] Chapter 10 in Music’s Meanings; [2] PowerPoint presentation Dénoter la voix (in French & English); [3] Excel file of source information and comments relevant to the montage. [HELP]

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Tagg on Vimeo J S Bach: ‘Great’ B minor prelude for organ, BWV 544, with synchronised scrolling notation [7:34 (w. credits)] [2015-10-19]. I stopped playing church organ when I was 19, but I have since then often heard this passionately anguished yet dignified and sometimes playful prelude in my head. When, 30 years later, I finally acquired an instrument allowing me to make this amazing Bach piece come to life again, I recorded it using my Korg M1 and MIDI editing software of the day. Maybe there’s a little too much 16' sometimes in my recording (and the reverb is certainly excessive) but I think this version has a lot of get-up-and-go, so I'm not ashamed to put it on line. If you enjoy it a quarter as much as I enjoyed playing it, you'll have made my day!


? Elis Regina: Palavra de mulher (‘Vou voltar’) (with bilingual lyrics on screen) [2:44] [2015-10-10]

I use this recording of a song by Chico Buarque and Tom Jobim ‘included on the soundtrack album Ópera do Malandro, a 1985 Brazilian approximation of The Beggar's Opera to illustrate the concept of vocal persona. Elis Regina passes with considerable vocal passion from nice confidante to wanton lover to psycho bitch to vulnerable little girl, etc., etc. This video material consists solely of timecode and of lyrics in both original Portuguese and in English translation so that students can note points at which Regina’s vocal persona changes.


Legião Urbana Qué Pais

Legião Urbana: Faroeste Caboclo subtitled with bilingual lyrics) [9:20] [2015-08-21]. Original 9-minute studio audio track accompanied by complete synchronised lyrics in Portuguese with English translation (thanks to Bosco De Oliveiro). Musically somewhere between folk rock and punk, this song, consisting mainly of 42 8-bar verses in 4/4 time (c. 12 seconds each), seems to be in a simple strophic folk ballad story-telling sort of form. That observation may apply largely to the tune's first 3 minutes, after which the backing starts to vary considerably in terms of instrumentation, groove, articulation and harmony. Renato Russo (lead vocalist) also exploits a range of vocal personae. All these variations underline the dramatic (comic and highly tragic) narrative of the lyrics. I'd like some time to write an analysis of this piece. If and when it's done, this description will contain a hyperlink to whatever text I manage to produce. (Faroeste means the far West (the Wild West) and a caboclo is basically a Brazilian of mixed race (see Wikipedia)).

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Dansa dansa

Vimeo Ingmar Nordström’s Dansa dansa and Swedish dansbandsmusik.

[7:31] [2015-05-14] Teaching material including one full example and a montage of several extracts illustrating one type of Swedish dansbandsmusik that has, since the 1970s, been hugely popular all over Scandinavia. I intend to write an explanatory text about the importance, influence and, yes, interest of this type of music that was generally regarded as the epitome of uncool, as the depth of banality and of bad taste, by virtually every rock and jazz musician I met when living in Sweden (1966-1991), When I've written that piece, I'll put a hyperlink up here. Meanwhile, I hope this video will give you some enjoyable musical food for thought.

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Vänner och fränder

Folk och rackare: Vänner & fränder (Rackarspel, 1978) [4:51] [2015-04-28]

Basic notation and lyrics in Swedish and English added to studio recording from album Rackarspel (Folk och Rackare, 1978). Documentary value as: [1] a Scandinavian double-hemitonic pentatonic/hexatonic melody ‘1 #3 4 5 b6 (b7); [2] the recording on which popular latter-day versions of the the tune were based. Aesthetic and socio-historical value also considerable!...

Folk och rackare: Lussi Lilla (Rackarspel, 1978) [4:10] [2015-04-29]

Basic notation and lyrics in Swedish and English added to studio recording from album Rackarspel (Folk och Rackare, 1978)

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Jeffrey Cain Jeffrey Cain: Whispering Thunder (1972) [4:06] (v2. 2015-10-17)

This simple but effective three-chord political song, honouring Jonathan P. Jackson's attempt to free his brother George, recounts the tragic Marin County Courthouse events of August 1970, in which Jonathan Jackson and several prisoners he had freed, as well as the County Court judge, were all killed. The last two lines of the last verse run "This is the story of one young brother with the blood boiling in his veins. This is the story of the whispering thunder that comes before the rain." I've posted this musical wake-up call, complete with fateful aeolian shuttle (bVI<->i), because I can't find it on iTunes, and because I think it should be known.

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Arnolfinii and Unequivocal Time Code Designation

? Arnolfini Marriage Portrait (“dog” & 007 chord: poïetic/aesthesic) [from Epistemic Diffraction] [1:35]

? 007 end: Unequivocal Timecode Designation (demo) [0:12] [from Epistemic Diffraction]

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Φ Fame Rock Academy Montage [1:08] (2015-01-15) [no YouTube] Short, facetious montage of logos for rock academies, colleges and schools, all set to the theme tune from Fame.

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Vimeo Troubles with Tonal Terminology -1: What [the hell] is 'Tonality'? [19:57] (2015-01-09). An attempt to bring sense into central concepts of music theory so they can be usefully applied to other musics than only those of the euroclassical and jazz canons. The silly use of "atonal' and of the absurd binary "tonality v. modality" are two topics of focus in this first in a series of videos about the terminological trouble with conventional Western music theory.

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? Timbre [1:09] (2014-10-08). Very short clip in which four instrumental sounds (analogue synth pad, gong, piano and symphonic strings) demonstrate, very simply, the four phases of the ADSR envelope (gong and piano just Attack and Decay.

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Φ Guantanamera Endings [2:29] (2014-07-27) [also on YouTube] YT16.. [1] Joseito Fernandez; [2] Célia Cruz & Tito Puente; [3] Pete Seeger; [4] The Sandpipers. Does it go from I to V or from IV to I? Or neither? Or both?

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Gaston Bière Cigarette

? Gilles Vigneault, Gaston Rochon: Tout l'monde est malheureux [2:30]. LP Le Nord du Nord (1968), texte intégral, quelques photos personnelles.

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Málamas Pringipesa

Malamas Likavetos Sokrátis Málamas/Σωκράτης Μάλαμας: Prigkipesa/Πριγκιπἐσα (=Princess) (2006) [4:52] (2014-01-21). Live performance —with Χάρις Αλεξίιου, Αλκίνοος Ιωαννίδης. Μπαμπης Τσερτος at Likávittos, Athens, Sept. 2006— of this hugely popular Greek hit first issued on CD in 2000. This video shows the melody and all lute (laouto) fills in notation, basic chords symbols, and the Greek lyrics with a simple English translation. If you think slow tunes in minor modes (here phrygian) are intrinsically morose, watch/hear this and think again! If you want to know how to make a good droney-open-fifths sound, watch/hear this. If you think most really popular songs are junk, watch/hear this instead. If you're anglophone and don't know much really popular stuff from any other musical culture, watch/hear this. And if you want to get a personal idea of the sort of thing young Greeks were feeling not long before their national economy collapsed, watch/hear this. This video exemplifies the sort of truly popular music that rarely gets attention in Anglocentric popular music circles. A short coda lists 40 artists who covered the song. That’s popular music way off the radar screen for many anglophone popular music scholars.

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Play the Dixie Chicks video

? Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice - contextual analysis footage [10:39] (2014-01-05). To prevent this 10-min. video from stopping and starting due to buffering during download/playback, try first downloading the whole video instead and then play it on your device [HELP].

One of the clearest and most popular examples of music's relation to politics. The courage, integrity and musicality of the Dixie Chicks is also evident in songs like Not Ready To Make Nice, recorded ‘post-Shepherd's-Bush’. The video is in three parts: [1] before ‘the Sheperd's Bush incident’ (2003); [2] post-Shepherd's Bush, hounded by C&W rednecks but determined to ‘do the right thing’; [3] their song Not Ready To Make Nice (2006) ‘the right thing!‘ with scrolling lyrics, tune and chords and images both from Australian TV and from the excellent film Shut Up and Sing! (dir. Barbara Kopple). This song and its context provide a potent and uplifting example of music semiotics at work in an inescapably political context. In the video I omit discussion of the ‘fateful’ aeolian shuttle, the ‘protest’ acoustic guitar, the positive anger and its vocal celebration and many other musical details about the song. The video’s aim is to explain the context in which the Dixie Chicks produced those sounds. N.B. This material is not available elsewhere on the web due to copyright restrictions.

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Play Göteborgs Brechtensemble's version of Weill's Alabama song

Göteborgs Brechtensemble: Alabama Song (Brecht/Weill) [4:43] (2014-01-02). This is my favourite version of Kurt Weill's famous tune from Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (1930). The rock arrangement in the verse parts ‘Bengt Blomgren on guitar, Bernt Andersson, the arranger, on keyboards, and Liliane Håkansson (lead vocals)‘ give this 1979 recording plenty of whoomph, while the soupy sax, blasé vocals and cheap-bar electronic piano of the refrains make for a disturbing contrast to the balls of the verses. No wonder capitalism is failing. It's sick and will fail. I'm sure that'll give me as much joy as this recording! Source: LP Låt er inte förföras (= Don't let yourself be seduced!), Avanti AVLP 06 (1979).

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Jara DerechoVideo - Victor Jara El derecho de vivir en paz (1973)

Víctor Jara: El derecho de vivir en paz [4:36] (2013-09-09). Original videotape footage from August 1973, shortly before he was tortured and killed by the Pinochet régime’s murderers, of Víctor Jara performing El derecho de vivir en pazThe Right To Live In Peace’ a song of hope and decency. [It was later covered with great aplomb by Congreso]. I've added subtitles in Spanish for the lyrics and in English as translation of Víctor’s preamble and of the Spanish lyrics. I've also supplied the video with lead sheet chord shorthand and with references to other recordings of this and other Jara songs.

Go to top of fileTagg on Vimeo MédecinsNuit

Form and the Night Doctors [8:41] (2013-06-30). Using Vladimir Cosma's title theme for Médecins de Nuit, this video demonstrates the importance of considering syncrisis ("now sound", groove, intensional dynamics, etc. in the ‘extended present’) as form. "States of musical being" (shuttles, loops, syncrisis) are as important as "places to go" (harmonic processes, etc.) and conventional notions of musical form. This video was produced for a conference on popular music analysis (Liverpool, 2-4 July, 2013).

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Cwm Rhondda Cymraeg/Cwm Rhondda in Welsh [2:42] (2012-07-05). Re-edit of existing YouTube post, here without voice-over or stills of 78 rpm player. Instead: Welsh text and sheet music of the famous hymn (SATB in A flat) sung by the Boro Choir.

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Bulgarian Harvest Song

Tagg on Vimeo Harvest Song from Bulgaria [3:37] (2011-12-22). You may think simultaneously sounded semitones are discordant. Perhaps you argue that fourths, fifths and octaves are natural consonances because they correspond to simple pitch ratios but omit to mention the acoustic complexity of thirds and sixths in the 'common triads' of our equal-tone temperament, not to mention the tritone inside virtually every single standard jazz chord. Perhaps you even cite the common use of semitones in horror scenes as 'proof' that semitones are 'naturally' discordant. This clip demonstrates that such assumptions are as false as they are ethnocentric because the seven women heard here are definitely having fun singing semitone dyads and clusters for half of this harvest song. Comments in this video are by Prof Claire Levy (Sofia) and myself.

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Tagg on Vimeo The Minor Seven Flat Five Montage [8:10; 2011-10-30] . Whether you think of it as ii7, iv6, the 'Tristan chord', or "half diminished", m7-5/m6 has a recognisable aural identity. This montage demonstrates the connotative coherence of the chord, as documented on pp.180-204, 566-573 in Ten Little Title Tunes.

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Kojak Commutations

Tagg on Vimeo Kojak Theme Commutations  [7:57; 2011-10-29]. Original version plus five radical rearrangements of Goldenberg's 50-second TV theme from 1972: classical, Renaissance, spy rock, pastoral idyll and bossa nova cocktail lounge. Shows importance of accompanimental parameters of expression (chiefly harmony and groove but also some instrumentation and aural staging). Relates to my PhD thesis Kojak - 50 Seconds of Television Music, also to videos Kojak: 50 Seconds of TV Music to analyse and The Kojak Theme: Score and Museme 2. All materials useful in semiotic music analysis.

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Tagg on Vimeo 
Scotch Snaps - The Big Picture [1:14:54] (2011-05-11)

‘I just got home to Scotland from the Clifftop Appalachian String Band Music Festival in West Virginia. [T]his video came up in daily conversation and was recommended.' (Viewer comments, 2018-08-08)
This feature-length research study has been banned worldwide by Google’s legal team in the spirit of 'free enterprise' (fuck other freedoms).

See Bruce Johnson’s review of this feature-length film in Equinox (2013: 86-87)

A huge social and cultural history is embedded in the microcosm of this two-note rhythm. Issues addressed: [1] What is a Scotch Snap? [2] How does it relate to language, class and ethnicity? [3] Is it just Scottish, or is it also Irish, Welsh, English, West African, Hungarian, "Celtic", "black", "white" or what? [4] It's used by Henry Purcell, Béla Bartók, Mahalia Jackson, Woody Guthrie, Stevie Wonder, Ry Cooder, James Brown and Buck Owens; and you'll also find it in Strathspeys, traditional English ballads, Appalachian fiddling, string band music, spirituals, white gospel, black gospel, even in West African time lines, but you won't hear it in mariachi, mbaqanga or MPB (música popular brasileira), nor in the music of South or Central Europe. [4] If it has to do with English language rhythm why did it disappear from English music during the 18th century to re-emerge globally in popular musics of the 20th century? [5] Why did Dvořák think that "Negro" and "Scottish" musics were similar? [6] How come some music of English origin is labelled "Celtic" when England is seen by fans of "Celticity" as the devil incarnate? This instructive but entertaining video offers an alternative to ethnic fixations in popular music history and genre labelling. See also Temperley, N., & Temperley, D. (2011): ‘Music-language correlations and the “Scotch Snap”’ in Music Perception  29 (1), 51-63. [HELP]

Supplementary materials relevant to this video:
Contents with timings | Source listing | Discussion | Voiceover text | (all html)

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Tagg on Vimeo Dominants and Dominance/Dominantes y dominación [21:35] (v2, 2011-03-20) . English con subtítulos en español. For Musicology & Colonialism conference, Montevideo, Oct. 2009. “It's pointless trying to force the conceptual grid of conventional harmony lessons on to music that conventional harmony experts have spent countless lifetimes avoiding or trivialising / Es inútil forzar la matríz de las lecciones de armonía convencionales para aplicarla a música que los expertos de armonía convencional se han dedicado a evitar y trivializar.” Incl. extracts by Tom Russell (Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?), Carlos Puebla (Che), Sabicas (Malagueña). [HELP]

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Cordoba presentation 2009

Tagg on Vimeo Epistemic Diffraction or Integration? / ¿Diffracción epistémica o integración? [29:20] (v2, 2011-03-03). In English, subtítulos en español. Video for Universidad de Villa Maria (Córdoba, Argentina, Oct. 2009). It sets out the basic epistemic problems of teaching and learning music in our tradition of knowledge, including a critique of "absolute music" and suggestions as to how we can make knowledge in and about music more democratic and more accessible to "non-musos". Includes footage from Dixie Chicks' Shut Up and Sing movie (2006). [HELP]

Buzz Road Click Crash

Tagg on Vimeo Buzz, Roar, Click, Crash [32:40] (2011-03-03)

Men, shaving, power chords, guitar distortion and rock tropes sonically commodified in the 1986 TV ad for the Philishave Tracer. Analysis, exemplification and discussion. How and why the sonic anaphone guitar distortion = motorbike is central to the rock daredevil myth and to the sale of a 'rock lifestyle'. Keywords: rock music semiotics analysis guitar distortion motorbike sound biker aesthetics advertising Ducati Harley Davidson heavy metal power chord trope myth musicology history gender daredevil death danger thrills excitement drums timbre sonic kinetic tactile anaphone museme connotation buzz roar rumble grrrr. [HELP]

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Milksap Montage

Tagg on Vimeo The Milksap Montage  [12:39] (v2., 2010-10-31)

I vi ii/IV V : what does it mean? Extracts from 52 US pop records 1957-63 illustrated with chords, teen angels, angel babies, girl groups, devotion, heartache and "all those goddam Bobbies" (as Jerry-Lee Lewis put it). This video “is a truly virtuosic creation”, said, “52 pop singles in the United States that used the progression, arranged by key... Album covers, animated charts of the chord changes, and visual snippets demonstrating lyrical content flash by while you listen”.

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Tagg on Vimeo 42 Gabriel's Oboes (complete) [19:59]

Montage of online performances of 'Gabriel's Oboe', one of the main themes Morricone wrote for 'The Mission' (1986) and one of the most widely performed pieces of music. Teaching material for film music analysis and popular music aesthetics.

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Tagg on Vimeo Intel Inside Analysis (full) [11:07] (2010-09-27, orig. 2005)

What does the famous 4-note jingle mean and how does it work? What does music communicate in this 1990s ad? What other music and moods does the jingle resemble? Are marimbas "corporate"? Why no guitar? Why no quality symphony orchestra? Video illustration used in teaching Music and the Moving Image and in the semiotic analysis of music.

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The Banjo in Black and White Engish | Français

Tagg on Vimeo The Banjo in Black and White (English) [2:43] (2010-03-31]

A very brief illustration of problems involved in labelling musics (or musical instruments) according to skin colour. Should be viewed in conjunction with PowerPoint presentation British Bluenotes and Backbeats and the Open Letter about 'Black Music', 'Afro-American Music' and 'European '.

Tagg on Vimeo
Le banjo en noir et blanc (en français) [2:44]

Simple illustration du problème d'appeler une musique « noire » ou « blanche ». Le banjo, aujourd'hui associé à  la musique populaire de certains états-uniens blancs, a évidemment des origines ouest-africaines. Ce vidéo ne raconte pas l'histoire au complet; il faut lire la « Lettre ouverte » afin de le contextualiser.

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Tagg on Vimeo The Emmerdale Commutations (complete) version 6 [8:41] (2010-02-19)

Pastoral idyll or place of great evil? Will any music fit this footage? With notation and musical commentary. Musical meaning in a TV theme. Title sequences from Yorkshire TV, original theme tune by Tony Hatch. Commutations and transscansions. Teaching material for film music courses. For more, see the Ten Little Title Tunes pp. 503-519.

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Tagg on Vimeo Droned Fifths for The Tailor & The Mouse [8:41] (2009-07-08) [also on YouTube]

Step by step demo of how to use drones and parallel fifths to create convincing pseudo-medieval harmony for modal tunes. There are no dominants or subdominants: just a the droned keynote and the tune's tonal pole (the other tonal constellation it goes to). These quintal/quartal chords sound much better than the those tired old tertial triads!. "The Tailor and the Mouse" (hexatonic minor) is used as an example. On-screen illustration, notation and animation. Teaching material for classes in Popular Music Analysis.

YouTube Takedown Rant (provisional) [3:32] (2009-01-01) [only on YouTube]

Provisional rant about the inequitable absurdities whereby I'm barred from doing my educational duty to spread knowledge and understanding about music in the modern media. YouTube lets big corporations block the information it's my job to disseminate.

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Whaaa! Bodyform!

Tagg on Vimeo What A Scream! The insanity of a sanitary towel ad [10:00] (2008-12-31)

"Waaah! Bodyformed for you". This music-semiotic analysis suggests that panty liners are even less likely to trigger orgasms than to be soaked in bluey-green liquid. And yet that is all quite normal in consumerist propaganda: 'advertisers' can tell whatever connotative lies they like. This analysis material also starts to ask questions about links between the me-me-me subjectivity of the 1980s and musical phenomena like the "plastic glitter"; keyboard sound or chord vamps ending vi-V. Those questions get no answer here! Teaching material for Music and Moving Image students.

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Mixolydian Montage

Tagg on Vimeo Mixolydian Mini-Montage [5:24] (2008-09-02)

Mixolydian chord loops from nine well-known rock recordings in different keys with clockwise circle-of-fifths movement and anacruses. The most common mixolydian chord loop (I-bVII-IV or bVII-IV-I) animated, explained and illustrated using extracts from well-known rock recordings in different keys. Useful and amusing for anyone wanting to get to grips with realities of harmony in popular music. Practical demonstration of writings on one aspect of harmony (more details in Everyday Tonality). Before its take-down by YouTube, the original version of this edutainment clip from June 2009, now on Vimeo and downloadable from this site, had 2,292 views, 21 likes and 2 dislikes. It had been banned because it cited, 100% legally, ten seconds from The Kinks’ Twentieth Century Man (1971). Since US federal copyright law about fair use (Title 17, sections 107-108 plus the Campbell v. Acuff-Rose precedent about transformative use) doesn't seem to include YouTube users, I've replaced those 10" (1.7% of the clip!) in a YouTube censored version with a rudimentary MIDI passage illustrating the same basic chord sequence. The remaining 5'14" (614 seconds) in this censored version are the same as in the original uncensored version you can hear/see on Vimeo .

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Vocal Persona Commutations

Φ Vocal Persona Commutations [2:22] (2008-01-01) YT

Examples of coherence and incoherence between vocal, gestural, social and emotional aspects of personality. See also Music’s Meanings, Chapter 10.

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Party at the Palace

God, Queen, Jude & Nation [3:35] 2007-07-19

Extracts from Party at the Palace (Queen's Jubilee, 2002), with patent musicological and immanent social commentary. (Ten Little Title Tunes pp. 59-63).

I Recall Baall

Tagg on Vimeo I Recall Bacall [1:30] (Tagg, 1990/2005)

One of 21 exercises in writing typical detective themes in C minor, I Recall Bacall is set here to classic film noir footage (2005). Silly credits are added. For info on detective music traits, check deckare in index to Ten Little Title Tunes.


Tagg on Vimeo Austria, Shampoo & Gestural Interconversion (3:22) BLOCKED ON YOUTUBE!

The Dream of Olwen. The Sound of Music and Timotei shampoo in one musicogenic semantic package (2005). For further explanation check this text. See also Ten Little Title Tunes, pp. 155-27. Semiotic music analysis material.

Go to top of file  KOJAK: 50 SECONDS OF TV MUSIC

Vids of the film of the book of the music 

Kojak Parts 1-2

Tagg on Vimeo Parts 1 & 2 [19:38] (2005)

| Original sequences | Time code and sync |Visual analysis
| Score/transcription | Original audio | Synthesised rerecording |
| Museme 2: offbeat filler, Moog ostinato, woodwind stab.
Book, pp. 245-286; 132-143, 150-184.

AWESOME!!! What a fantastic idea! Definitely one of the most useful postings ever on YouTube!!” (monsterjazzlicksS) BLOCKED WORLDWIDE ON YOUTUBE!

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KojakLogo1↓ under planning ↓

3: Museme 1. Horn whoops and heroes, martial triplets, propulsive repetition. Book pp. 185-210.

4. Harmonic language. Harmonic idiom and historical location, quartal harmony as “modern”, 5 commutations. Book, pp. 217-221

5. Telegraphic Urgency. Book, pp. 228-239

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Kojak theme score

Tagg on Vimeo TRANSCRIPTION and AUDIO only (audio with sync-ed 4-stave reduction of symphonic score) Book, pp. 140-142 , also on line separately. [0:50] BLOCKED WORLDWIDE ON YOUTUBE!

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Kojak commutations

Tagg on Vimeo Kojak Theme Commutations [7:57; 2011-10-29] BLOCKED WORLDWIDE ON YOUTUBE!

Original version plus five radical rearrangements of Goldenberg's 50-second TV theme from 1972: classical, Renaissance, spy rock, pastoral idyll and bossa nova cocktail lounge. Shows importance of accompanimental parameters of expression (chiefly harmony and groove but also some instrumentation and aural staging). Relates to my PhD thesis Kojak - 50 Seconds of Television Music, esp. pp. 216-221.

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Fernando the Flute: film of the book of the music (ongoing)

Book chapters 1-2 (a) [1:08:45] upd. Sep. 2018. [HELP] | The actual book

Video timings

0:00:00 Intro: Titles; Abba: Fernando in Melbourne, 1976; Milton Nascimento: No analices.
0:02:19 Breakfast at Ibotirama: Introduction, contextualisation of the song. Book pp. 9-14.
0:04:56 Crejo en angelitos and Tretow's angel dust.
0:06:49 Tagg's discomfort, bus journey, the point of this video.
0:08:41 Recording, synchronised transcription and presentation of musemes. Book pp. 19-27
0:13:07 Museme listing.
0:17:12 Museme 1: open spaces (Beethoven, Handel, Borodin, Copland, Mahler, Schubert)
0:21:11 open spaces (Vaughn Williams, Grieg, Ives, Bruckner)
0:23:51 summary so far. Museme 1a: mañana turn and ethnic lute tremolando
0:31:01 Museme 2: sunrise, Zarathustra , Simpsons, Haydn, El condor pasa
0:37:01 Museme 3: explanations; Fauré, Brahms, Ave Maria,
0:39:54 Milksap intro, incl. Orbison, Darin, Tillotson, Twitty, Sedaka, Anka, Sam Cooke
0:43:07 Milksap montage (52 × [I vi ii/IV V] loops)
0:55:18 Milksap montage: discussion
0:58:23 afterthought about recitativo, Speedy Gonzales, Fernando and Latin America
0:59:29 Museme 4: hispano-military ‘boléro’ snares, Green Beret, It’s Over, Et maintenant
1:02:53 town crier; snare danger; Little Drummer; ‘closer’; The Mission, rat-a-ta-tat!
1:08:45 Temporary end

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Chapter 2: musemes 7-11 — not yet included

Vimeo icon Fernando the Flute - Episode 1: Score and Musemes [15:36] [2017-05-17] Φ

Semiotic music analysis materials accompanying the book Fernando the Flute IV (2017). Includes: [1] synchronised score of the English version of "Fernando" (Abba, 1976) [01:02-05:23]; [2] Basic musematic method (IOCM & PMFCs) [05:23-11:38]; [3] Quick presentation of musemes [11:38-14:56]; [4] End credits [14:56-15:35].

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Morricone’s Music for The Mission

Mission Titles

? Farne un tutt’uno: analysing Morricone’s music for The Mission (provisional start) [32:14][HELP] . Provisional first part in a film music analysis film project. Includes: [1] Morricone’s problema a farne un tutt’uno and basic questions about the role of music in the film; [2] how to do a cue list; [3] how to name musical ideafs ‘‘sick strings’ (m1A1: 07:35), ‘death drum’ (m2A1: 10:37), etc.; [3] systemising musemes, incl. taxonomy issues; [4] from 27:04, presentation of musemes m1A1a, m1A1b, m1A1c (sick string variants), m1A2 (string screech), m1A3 (visceral string disturbance, incl. ‘Jaws’ motif), and (from 31:27) m1B (tangled woodwind: ‘Penance’)... to be continued...

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? First 20 seconds of The Mission with thumbnail images and graphic score [0:20]

? The Mission 0:45-1:28 with graphic score and thumbnails [1:38]

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Mission end

? Farne un tutt’uno: analysing music for The Mission (provisional ending) [7:18]

A suggested conclusion to this film about Morricone’s music for the film, answering questions posed in Part 1 of this project. This video featurs: [1] conjunct descending bass IOCM for Gabriel’s Oboe, including Bach’s Air and A Whiter Shade Of Pale; [2] ‘A man of sorrows’ and ; [3] Vincerò; [4] ethical issues in Latin America; [4] music, human rights, the just, unjust and power abuse; [5] Ontivero Asunción; [6] contrition and sacrifice; [7] musical integration v. apartheid.

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? Morricone: Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission (1986): synchronised transcription [2:06] [2017-04-07]

Gabriel's Oboe Transcription

Vimeo icon 42 × Gabriel's Oboes (complete) [19:59] (also as abridged for YouTube, 2010-10-28]

Montage of online performances of 'Gabriel's Oboe', one of the main themes Morricone wrote for 'The Mission' (1986) and one of today's most widely performed pieces of music. Teaching material for film music analysis and popular music aesthetics.

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? The Making of The Mission [58:02] [HELP]

NB. This video file consists wholly of material on disc 2 in The Mission DVD box set (Warner Brothers SO 15031, 1996; DVD NTSC Warner 23497, 2003). If you are copyright holder and view this posting of educational material as an illegal act, please contact me and I will delete the file on line. I've posted it because it has considerable educational value and is difficult to come by through commercial channels.

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Personal videos

Go to videos BY, not about, Philip Tagg


Tagg on Vimeo Why I do what I do [3:12] (1994)

Feature from 1994 BBC broadcast Northwest Tonight (regional news) about teaching popular music (incl. Kojak & Fernando). Dealing seriously with popular music in those days, I was treated as a minor curiosity, as a “whackademic”.

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KaunasAwardVimeo Philip Tagg receives Lifetime Recognition Award from the International Semiotics Institute [3:11] (2014) at the first conference of Numanities (ICoN2014). “The Role of Humanities in Contemporary Society”, Kaunas University of Technology, 2014-06-02. From Day 1 of streamed version of conference proceedings (also viewable on YouTube ‘ All awards at 1:58:51 in the the YouTube streaming (I appear at 2:05:15).

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Go to top of file HTML5 ? Collateral Murder (Baghdad 2007-07-12)

Go to top of file  Vimeo icon ? Greta Thunberg: How Dare You? [1:09] (2019-09)

Go to top of file ? Edelstam, Palme and the Cuban Embassy in Santiago (1973) [90"]

Go to top of file  ? Adam Curtis’s The Century of the Self & YT The Living Dead 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

YT Adam Curtis’s The Power of Nightmares — Trailer | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Go to top of file YT The Koch Brothers: Godfathers of Greed

Go to top of file  ? Graham Nash and James Raymond:  Almost Gone ‘ The Ballad of Bradley Manning   (2011) (lyrics added as subtitles 2013-04-07) [3:53]. Chords: A section shuttles Dm <-> G then Bb/d <-> Dm (aeolian); B section runs ||: Dm | Bb A :|| ×2 then | Dm | Bb [Am] | Gm | break ||.

Go to top of file ? Bill Hicks on advertising. [2:43] YouTube’s (Google’s) take-down of Bill’s priceless anti-capitalist rant was triggered by a copyright complaint from Warner Brothers, those famously suffering, little-guy freedom fighters in the war against kahm-you-nizz-em . Never forget how much capitalism sucks. And remember that It's impossible to understand popular music history without understanding the inherent evil of 'advertising' (consumerist propaganda: see here and here). For complete transcript of Bill’s 2½-minute rant, click here.

Go to top of file ? Brexshit Bus-

The Brexshit NHS Liars [1:48] (2017) “We’ll use the UK’s £350m/week membership of the EU to pay for the National Health Service.” Lies, lies, lies from Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and other contemptible clowns. Sue them!

Go to top of file CambridgeAnalyticaNixThumb
? Cambridge Analytica boasts of dirty tricks to swing elections (19:12, 2018-04-09; 360p; right click to download). In this Channel 4 production (UK), company bosses tell undercover reporters how honey traps, spies and fake news can be used to help clients (e.g. Trump & Brexit campaigns). I’ve uploaded this to my site just in case it’s taken down again from YouTube, etc. so that the truth may be known as widely as possible. This documentary footage shows how elections and referendums aren’t won on facts but through big data and psychographics (using social media, etc., see the 2018 Facebook scandal), i.e. by exploiting emotions and the subconscious (see 2-min video 'Advertising IS Propaganda’).

Go to top of fileTagg on VimeoAdsPropaganda

Advertising IS  Propaganda [2:00] Edited extract from The Century of the Self (Adam Curtis), episode 1 (0:08:12-0:09:01; 0:09:20-0:10:18). Includes Edward Bernays, father of PR/marketing/advertising (comsumerist propaganda), saying why he couldn't use the word propaganda to describe PR and advertising. Also advertising guru Pat Jackson on groups of people and their irrational emotions. I've used this clip in Popular Music History classes when dealing with the advent of “format radio”.

Go to top of fileTagg on VimeoProduct Is You

Adbusters: ‘The Product is You’ (English only) [0:18] ‘El producto eres tú’ (subtitulado en español) (1999) “Your living room is the factory. The product being manufactured is you”. I've used this a lot in Popular Music History classes when dealing with the advent of ‘format radio’.

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Left-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) the relevant 5HTML or Vimeo button, or the relevant image or title to activate the video link. Then press Play. If you get buffering problems, right-click (ctrl-click) Phi or Vimeo and select the Save Link As... option to download the video to your device.

featuring the Relentless Rail trips

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Bar - Podgorica - Bijelo Polje Čaplina - Mostar - Bradina
Manchester Oxf-Rd-Huddersfield Άνω Λεχώνια - Μηλιές
Rendsburg Schleife/Hochbrücke

Διακοπτον -- Καλαβρυτα

Ragusa-Módica-Scicli South Chessington - Waterloo


St Moritz-Tirano

Tirano-St Moritz

Владивосток-Новосибирск Chosica-Galera (Peru)
Blaenau Ffestiniog-Llandudno Narvik-Riksgränsen
Ferrovia Pontebbana Voss-Bergen
Manchester-Liverpool Liverpool-Crewe
Glasgow-Mallaig Ffestiniog & Welsh Highl.
Carlisle-Skipton Tren a las nubas
Los Angeles-Santa Barbara Göteborg-Lillhagen
Göteborg-Alingsås Göteborg-Borås
Domodossola-Locarno North of Scotland
Dingwall-Kyle of Lochalsh


Wien-Venezia York-Manchester
Shrewsbury-Machynlleth Machynlleth-Pwllheli
Cyffordd Dyfi-Aberystwyth Lowgill-Tebay
Terminus Quiz 1 Terminus Quiz 2
Lincoln - Cleethorpes Oxford - Hereford

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— Wolvercote —
Relentless Rail #43

Play on Vimeo play on Vimeo

Phi  Right click and Save to your device from

- Video synopsis
- Music credits
- Notation








Prefatory notes

If you want to decipher the coloured comments flashing by at an illegible speed in this video, please consult the original, full-length footage London Paddington to Hereford train Cab Ride from which it has been edited.


This Relentless Rail video (#43) gives a general idea of a train route (‘The Cotswolds Line’) associable with particular aspects of class in England. Wolvercote, just north of Oxford, has links to Tolkien, Inspector Morse and Brideshead Revisited (see here and here). It also gives its name to a hymn tune of a particular type (‘public’ school, etc., see here) and the name of a railway junction (map pic | actual pic) on the edge of a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’ (The Cotswolds), noted for its rolling green hills and villages built in the local stone. It’s often presented as a pastoral idyll from bygone days and has attracted a particular demographic. House prices in the area are among the highest in the UK (search "rightmove cotswolds", "zoopla cotswolds", etc. for info).

To know more about the musical underpinnings of this rich and bizarre semiotic web of ‘Englishness’, please consult Ten Little Title Tunes (Tagg & Clarida, 2003, pp. 209-225, especially ‘Stiff-upper-lip sighs’ (221-225)).

top of section Video synopsis

Intro [00:00], Didcot, [00:10], Oxford [01:25] via Wolvercote Junction [02:10], Hanborough [02:43], Coombe [03:07], Finstock [03:30], Charlbury [03:40], Ascott-under-Wychwood [04:12], Shipton [04:22], Kingham [04:43], Moreton-in-the-Marsh [05:35], Honeybourne [07:18], Evesham [08:16], Pershore [09:11], Worcestershire Parkway [09:55], Worcester Shrub Hill [11:06], Worcester Foregate Street [11:50], Malvern Link [13:05], Great Malvern [13:30], Colwall [14:05], Ledbury [15:00], Hereford [17:16]. Credits etc. [17:57], end [19:09].

Top of section Music credits

00:24-02:42 Wolvercote (William H Ferguson) in A. Choir, congregation, organ in Paisley Abbey. BBCtv Songs of Praise, c 2015.YT (=YouTube) UU_cev2ri90.

02:43-05:31 Wolvercote (Ferguson), brass band in Bb, arr. Jim S McGregor, YT UB62Qplku9A.

05:32-10:30 G Thalben-Ball: Elegy for Organ, in B$. Richard McVeigh on Cavaillé-Coll at Cathédrale de Nancy; YT 5bYgPbMlKcQ. London, Paxton, 1954.

10:30-11:54 Elgar: Introduction & Allegro for Strings, Op. 47 — ‘Welsh’ Theme in Eb. London Philharmonic, cond.Vernon Hadley. CD 1985, EMI Eminence EMX 9503.

11:54-13:26 Repton (C H H Parry) in Eb. Co-op Funeral Band Northwest, rec. at JCB Lakeside Club, Uttoxeter, 19th October 2013,YT Jo9lmVy8Cc4.

13:26-15:00 Elgar: Introduction & Allegro — ‘Welsh’ Theme in G. Same source as at 10:30-11:54.

15:00-15:47 Thornbury (Basil Harwood) in D. Rec probably from BBCtv Songs of Praise, c 2015, posted by 'mkariobangi' at YT esJ7WWqG-dI.

15:47- 17:15 Wolvercote in A, same source as at 00:24-02:42.

17:15-17:58 Wolvercote in A on organ with highlighting of the 'in-your-face' C chord in bar 9 (‘I shall not fear the battle!'). John Keys: Traditional Hymns Organ Accompaniments #6, at YT u6YUdtWONwY.

Top of this section Wolvercote-related notation

W H Ferguson: Wolvercote (notes in video sync with organ sound)

W H Ferguson: Wolvercote (still, 1 p).

B Harwood: Thornbury (still,2 pp.)

C H H Parry: Repton (1 p.)

G T Thalben-Ball: Elegy for Organ, bars 1-13.

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Play on Vimeo

Relentless Rail #42: Bar - Podgorica - Bijelo Polje (Montenegro) [34:17|2 gig] ——either Play on Vimeo on Vimeo

or on this site Phi Relentless Rail #42 (right-click and "Save link as..." to download)

ŽICG = "Željenička Infrastruktura Crne Gore", literally = Black Mountain (i.e. Montenegro) Railway Infrastructure, i.e. Ferrovie Montenegrine, etc.

This accelerated cabride video is #42 in the series "Relentless Rail" and is based on 3½ hours of original footage by "Dulevoz" (YouTube zomZywCAPTA). It covers the 160 km of Montenegro's super-scenic "Tito line" (Die Tito-Bahn) from Bar on the Adriatic coast via the country's capital, Podgorica (was Titograd), to Bijelo Polje near the Serbian border. For more info, see Wikipedia entries Belgrade-Bar railway and Rail Transport in Montegegro,


00:00 Credits, intro
00:39 BAR
03:00 Sutomore
07:25 Zeta
14:30 Mala Rijeka viaduct
16:06 Bratonožići
18:45 Lutovo
21:35 Trebešica
23:22 Kos
23:53 Tara I viaduct
24:33 summit 1032 m
26:18 (Rovačko) Trebaljevo
27:24 Tara II viaduct
29:42 Mijatovo Kolo
30:04 Ljuboviča viaduct
31:53 Kruševo
34:17 end

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Boznia/Herzegovina: (Ploče) Čapljina - Mostar - Jablanica - Bradina (Sarajevo) [29:53|2.7gig] —— Phi Relentless Rail #41 (right-click and "Save link as..." to download)

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Manchester Oxford Road - Huddersfield [11:31| 1gig] —— Phi Relentless Rail #40 (right-click and "Save link as..." to download)

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Trainaki Peliou

Ano Lechonia/: Άνω Λεχώνια - Milies / Μηλιές [11:44|1gig] —— Phi Relentless Rail #39 (right-click and "Save link as..." to download)

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Rendsburg Bridge

Rendsburg Schleife (loop) and Hochbrücke —— Relentless Rail #38 [2:52] See on Vimeo | Phi
Approach from south (Hamburg etc.) on to high-level rail viaduct and bridge at 43 m over Kiel Canal in Schleswig-Holstein. The bridge is followed by a 360°, 4.2 km long, clockwise loop round Rendsburg's Schleife district (named after the rail loop). We end up at Rendsburg Hbf pointing northward towards Flensburg and Jutland (Denmark). For more info, see Wikipedia (DE) Rendsburger Hochbrücke.

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Vouraikos Canyon Click to Download {Vouraikos4}

Diakopton - Kalavryta rack railway / Odοντωτός Σιδηρόδρομος Διακοπτού — Καλαβρύτων —— Relentless Rail #37. [c 15'] See on Vimeo | Phi
22 stunning kilometres in Greece‘s nothern Peloponnese, from 0 to 767 metres elevation in 15 mins (“88 kph” ≈ 4× original speed (see YT 6AYtD1cQrE).
More info)

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Ragusa - Módica - Scicli (S-E Sicily) —— Relentless Rail #36: 3½× [08:19] See on Vimeo | Phi
Numerous 180+° bends, 1 spiral tunnel, countless other tunnels, cuttings, bridges and viaducts, all in descent from c 750 to c 20 m elevation on line from Gela and Vittoria to Siracusa via Ragusa and Noto.

00:05 Map of spiral tunnel at Ragusa
00:19 Dep. Ragusa FS (was “Ragusa Superiore”) located on Piazza Gramsci
02:36 Ragusa Ibla (was “Ragusa Inferiore”)
04:05 Strada Statale 115
05:09 Módica
05:35 Viadotto Guerrieri (SS 194)
07:40 Red signal and Scicli

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Lincoln - Cleethorpes - Relentless Rail #35 Phi should be downloaded (right click and "Save as") — possibly the most boring cabride video on this page and therefore perhaps interesting?

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Chessington - London Waterloo - Relentless Rail #34 [4:50] Phi should be downloaded (right click and "Save as"))

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| ΦPhi | Vimeo icon Sveriges svenskaste förarkabintur? Nykroppa - Ställdalen - Nykroppa - Kristinehamn — Relentless rail #33 — Sweden's most Swedish cabride?. Relentless Rail #33, Accelerated, annotated cabride (names of stations and larger lakes, etc., directions of the compass (very bendy track)); 2.3 Gig [37:24], HiRes Apr 2021; no audio; 71 km + 71 km + 45 km: [1] From Nykroppa on to Kil-Ställdalen section of Bergslagsbanan (originally built to connect isolated but important mining communities with ocean-going cargo vessels) ; [2] early evening return to Nykroppa; [3] extension of c 45 km from Nykroppa south to Kristinehamn (junction with Stockholm-Oslo line), Original footage by Magnus Olssen (2005). Stops abbreviated. Average increase of speed c 3× original. Mainly electrified, single-track, freight-carrying lines. Extremely bendy route: countless topographical obstacles to avoid, e.g. irregularly shaped masses of 'old hard rock' (urberg — granite and gneiss), irregularly placed glacial lakes and tarns with odd shapes, endless forest, bog, marsh, mire (skog, myr, mosse, kärr), a very sparse population (glesbygd), The incomparably biggest places we pass are Hällefors (pop. 4,000 in 2020) and Storfors (2,200). No other community has more than 800 inhabitants: most have fewer than 100, except of course for Kristinehamn (24,000).

00:00 Titles and outward journey 18:50 (71 km in 18:50 = 226 km/h
01:22 -1 km Nykroppa arr
02:05 00 km Nykroppa dep
05:39 13 km Loka
08:23 24 km Grythyttan
10:15 32 km Hällefors
12:08 39 km Sikfors
14:48 51 km Bredsjö
18:51 71 km Ställdalen arr

Returresa 10:08(71 km in 10 mins ≈ 426 km/h)
19:52 Ställdalen dep
22:52 Bredsjö
24:17 Sikfors
25:33 Hällefors
26:31 Grythyttan
27:58 Loka
30:00 Nykroppa arr

30:10 Nykroppa dep
32:13 Storfors
33:55 Nässundet
34:52 Sjöändan
36:51 Kristinehamn arr

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| ΦPhi | Vimeo icon Edge Hill - Seaforth - Edge Hill in the 1980s — Relentless rail #32; accelerated (×>2½), annotated; 662.116 kb [11:17] (Dec 2020); cab ride; no audio. From Edge Hill yard, 2½ km east of Liverpool Lime Street station, this Lo-Res VHS instruction video for drivers, recorded in the 1980s, takes us round the east side of the city, past Tuebrook, Everton, Anfield and Walton, down to Bootle, past Alexandra Dock all the way out to Seaforth Container Port; and all the way back to Edge Hill. Original video was found in a skip by train driver Bob Ellis and posted on YouTube as Archive - Crewe to Bootle Docks by Dan Cofey [3:05:17].

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HTML5 icon | Vimeo icon | Phi Märsta - Stockholm - Nynäshamn in 16¾ minsRelentless rail #31. 1,016,677 kb. 17:26. Cab ride/Hyttvy. Audio. Stockholm commuter train (SL pendeltåg) from Märsta (due north) to Nynäshamn (due south) via the “city tunnel” |0:20 Märsta |1:59 Upplands Väsby |3:05 Sollentuna |4:28 Solna |5:30 Odenplan |5:58 Stockholm City (Centralstation) |6:25 Stockholms Södra |7:48 Älvsjö |9:07 Farsta Strand |10:43 Handen |11:34 Västra Haninge |12:50 Hemfosa |14:33 Ösmo |15:43 Nynäsgård |16:40 Nynäshamn |17:26 end.

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HTML5 icon | Vimeo icon | Phi Sundbyberg - Stockholm - Södertälje Hamn in 12 minsRelentless rail #30. 751,492 kb. 12:50. Cab ride/Hyttvy. Audio. Stockholm commuter train (SL pendeltåg) from Sundbyberg (northwest) to Södertälje Hamn (southwest) via new (2017) 6 km city tunnel. |0:00 Sundbyberg |2:10 Odenplan |3:03 Stockholm City (Centralstation) |3:55 Stockholms Södra |Årstaberg |5:40 Älvsjö |Stuvsta |7:05 Huddinge |Tullinge |9:22 Tumba |10:25 Rönninge |11:32 Östertälje |12:32 Södertälje Hamn (Avgång=departure)

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HTML5 icon St Moritz - Tirano (Bernina line) 61 km in 28½ minsRelentless rail #27. 1,696,919 kb. 28:33. Cab ride. No audio. Same as Relentless Rail #20, except ‘slower’, in reverse order and better weather, plus slightly better picture quality |0:00 St Moritz |2:12 Pontresina |4:14 Morteratsch | 09:04 Ospizio Bernina |11:07 Alp Grüm |14:18 Cavaglia |19:50 Poschiavo |22:36 Miralago |24:18 Brusio |27:44 Tirano, Piazza della Basilica.

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Bernina Summit

HTML5 icon | Phi | Vimeo icon Tirano - San Moritz (Bernina line) 61 km in 19 mins Relentless rail #20. 1,145,741 kb. 19:16. Cab ride. Some audio. Fully captioned cab ride with Rhaetian Railways over the Bernina Pass. Timings: 0:11 Tirano |1:15 Campocologno |2:08 Brusio |3:28 Miralago |4:40 Le Prese |5:55 Poschiavo |7:54 Cadera |9:27 Cavaglia |11:22 Alp Grüm |12:38 Ospizio Bernina |14:23 Bernina Diavolezza |15:38 Morteratsch |17:08 Pontresina |18:43 St MoritZ. For return journey, see Relentless Rail #27.

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Transsib Goods

HTML5 icon | Vimeo icon | Phi Vladivostok - Novosibirsk in 35 mins. Relentless rail #29. 2,161,394 kb. 36:33. No audio. Standard “all-Russian” Trans-Siberian route via Khabarovsk, Chita, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk + 3 very brief contributing excursions (满洲里, Ulanbataar, БАМ). |0:00 Titles |1:36 Vladivostok |3:29 Khabarovsk |5:50 Birobidzhan |8:16 Belogorsk |13:00 Маньчжу́рия |13:42 Чита |18:55 Mongolia |20:00 Ulan-Ude |23:16 Baikal |27:12 Irkutsk |30:17 Усоле-Сибирское |31:54 БАМ & Taishet |32:53 Krasnoyarsk |35:44 Novosibirsk |36:33 End

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HTML5 icon | Phi | Vimeo icon Ferrocarril Central Andino (Peru) Chosica-Galera (39')   — Relentless rail #26. 2,339,724 kb. 39:04. Mostly cabride. Some audio. From Chosica in the eastern suburbs of Lima (altitude 860 m and 54 km inland from the Pacific) to the continental divide, 170 km away at an altitude of 4,871 m, i.e. a gradient of 1 in 35.4 (29‰). Includes 7 switchbacks, countless tunnels and breathtaking bridges. It passes through dramatic mountain scenery from green and wooded through deep canyons to tundra-like conditions. The slow journey has been accelerated ×4 (doesn't look so fast!), edited and re-annotated. |00:00 Chosica |04:45 San Bartolomé |07:47 Puente Carrion |11:35 Matucana |14:50 Viso Abajo |16:29 Viso Ariba |19:46 Puente Chaupichaca |20:32 Tamboraque (una bomba de tiempo ecologica) |24:15 Tamboraque Ariba |27:16 Cacray Abajo |29:19 Chicla Abajo |31:00 Casapalca |32:25 km 164 |36:00 Laguna Tictcotcha |37:15 Ticlio |38:28 Galera.

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HTML5 icon | Phi | Vimeo icon Blaenau Ffestiniog - Llandudno Junction in 16 minutes Relentless rail #25. 921,808 kb. 15:47. Cabride. No audio. Accelerated cab ride through splendid NW Welsh scenery on a sunny day. Original real-time footage © 2017-04-22 by Track Access Service Limited ( Speed changes, editing, annotation (stations, rivers, main roads, etc.), Feb 2019. Timings: 0:00 Blaenau Ffestiniog |2:37 Roman Bridge |4:35 Pont-y-Pant |7:00 Betws-y-Coed |9:15 North Llanrwst |12:10 Tal-y-Cafn |14:35 Cyffordd Llandudno

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HTML5 icon | Phi | Vimeo icon Narvik Havn to Riksgränsen (Ofotbanen), 2018, in 21 mins Relentless rail #24. 1,275,935 kb. 21:47. No audio. Accelerated (x±2), annotated, cab ride, from Fagernes harbour terminal at sea level in Narvik (Norway) to Riksgränsen, 523 m higher and 43 km east of Narvik on plateau in Swedish Lappland (ave. gradient 12‰ [1 in 82]). Timings: 0:00 Titles |0:51 Narvik Havn |4:50 Narvik Stasjon |9:30 Straumsnes |13:00 Rombak |16:28 Katterat |20:53 Grensen/Riksgränsen.

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HTML5 icon | Phi |Vimeo icon Old ferrovia Pontebbana (Carnia-Arnoldstein, 1994)Relentless rail #23. 1,906,645 kb. 31:47. Audio. 1994 cab ride in sunshine along scenic old route through Dolomites from Carnia (Italy) via Pontebba and Tarvisio to Arnoldstein (Austria) in 32 mins. Names of stations, tunnels and bridges (with lengths) and other highlights appear as on-screen text. Gradients are shown in ‰. |0:00 Titles |0:50 Carnia |4:05 Resiutta |7:15 Chiusaforte |9:20 Dogna |11:09 Ponte di Muro |12:08 Pietratagliata |13:25 Pontebba |17:13 Bagni di Lusnizza |20:00 Ugovizza |21:43 culmine/summit |23:45 Tarvisio 1 |25:15 Tarvisio 2 |29:09 confine/Grenze/frontier |29:40 Thörl-Maglern |31:26 Arnoldstein

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HTML5 icon | Phi|Vimeo icon Voss to Bergen, 2019, in 20 mins Relentless rail #22. 1,206,233 kb. 20:19. No audio.Accelerated early winter morning commuter run —cab ride and very scenic. Timings (station stops): |0:00 Voss |1:45 Bulken |4:47 Evanger |6:52 Bolstadøyri |8:20 Dale |10:25 Stanghelle |12:45 Vaksdal |14:53 Trengereid |17:28 Arna |19:25 Bergen. Annotated: stations and halt names; c 100 tunnels (with lengths), original real-time code (0-73 mins). Station and passing-loop stop times abbreviated. Acceleration factors (approx.): tunnels: ×3-6, elsewhere ×1½-3. Editing error at 05:39-05:50 — sorry!

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5HTML Phi Manchester Piccadilly Platform 14 to Liverpool Lime Street Platform 10 via Warrington Central in 18½ minutes on a rainy day Relentless rail #21. 1,103,297 kb. 18:36. No audio. Has its own aesthetic. Surprisingly watchable.

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Runcorn Bridge

5HTML ? Liverpool to Crewe in under 11 mins Relentless Rail #19. 1,555,768 kb. 10:42 (2018-04-13). Includes: [1] (00:00) dramatic sunken exit from Lime Street; [2] (02:21) the distant tower block where I live; [3] (05:17) Runcorn bridge; [4] (07:26) Weaver Junction and viaduct; [5] (passim) informative labelling of numerous en route phenomena. The clip is erroneously labelled Relentless Rail #18: it is in fact #19 | ?

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Rannoch Moor

5HTML | Phi | Vimeo icon Glasgow - Mallaig in 84 minutes Relentless Rail #18. Mid-Res (480p) 955,296 kb. 1:24:50. (2017-09-08) No audio. Accelerated cabride over the complete 264 km of Scotland’s West Highland Line (sunny periods and some rain). Visuals derive mainly from this original 4½-hr real-time file. Some tunnels and stops are abridged. On-screen text gives names of places and other information, incl. direction of travel (N, S, E, W, etc.). Some station timings: Glasgow 00:25; Helensburgh Upper 12:07; Arrochar & Tarbert 21:50; Crianlarich 31:30; Bridge of Orchy 38:06; Rannoch 43:24; Tulloch 51:11; Fort William 0:59:30; Glenfinnan 1:08:17; Arisaig 1:18:53; Mallaig 1:23:42. Other event timings: Craigendoran 10:40; Horseshoe viaducts 36:21 ff; Rannoch Moor 44:22 ff; Glenfinnan Viaduct 1:07:13 ff; Atlantic Ocean, Loch na Uamh viaducts and tunnels 1:15:37-1:16:07.

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North Wales Narrow Guage

5HTML Phi Vimeo icon Blaenau Ffestiniog - Porthmadog - Caernarfon in 35 mins Relentless Rail #17. 2,562,076 kb. [37:13] (2017-09-02) No audio. Complete accelerated cab rides over narrow-guage heritage lines in NW Wales. Original real-time audiovisuals in 3 clips on Timsvideochannel: 1, 2, 3. Location timings: Blaenau Ffestiniog 0:16; Tan-y-Grisiau 1:37; Dduallt 3:10; Tan-y-Bwlch 5:39; Penrhyndeudraeth 8:20; Minffordd 10:42; Porthmadog 12:29-13:12; Pont Croesor 15:58; Nantmor 19:00; Beddgelert 21:06; Rhyd Ddu 25:42; Waunfawr 30:43; Dinas 33:54; Caernarfon 36:26-37:13.

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HTML5 icon | Phi | Vimeo icon Carlisle - Appleby - Settle - Skipton in ½-hr Relentless rail #16. 193,489 kb. 31:48 (2017-03-06) 139 km. Approximate audio. Complete, accelerated (×4) goods train cab ride over Aisgill Summit in light rain with sunny intervals, through the pastoral greenery and scenic, bleak moorland of Cumbria and Yorkshire amid the Wuthering Heights of England's north country (Brontë, 1847). Sorry about the stubborn raindrop between Settle and Skipton. Timings and distances from Carlisle: |6:20 Armathwaite 15 km |8:54 Lazonby 32 |12:53 Appleby 49 |16:02 Kirkby Stephen 66 |19:33 Garsdale 82 |23:23 Ribblehead 97 |26:26 Settle 114 |27:58 Hellifield 123 |31:16 Skipton 139.

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Viaducto La Polvorilla

HTML5 icon | Phi | Vimeo icon Salta - San Antonio de los Cobres (NW Argentina) Relentless rail #15. 7,979,930 kb. [1:07:57] (2017-02-22) No audio. ccelerated (×4-×6) cab ride on 217 km covered by El Tren a las Nubes on Ramal 14 of the Ferrocarril General Belgrano (Salta-Antofagasta), from 1187m to 4220m altitude, up the Rio Toro gorge with 2 switchbacks (zig-zags), round 2 ascending loops to the high, desert-dry Andean plains (altiplano/puna), through 21 tunnels and 13 viaducts to end at the Polvorilla viaduct, 250 km short of the Chilean border.

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Vimeo icon Los Angeles to Santa Barbara in 10 minutes Relentless rail #14 [9:44] (2017-01-31). Accelerated (×4) cab ride, with some cuts and abbreviations of Amtrak train from L.A. Union Station to Santa Barbara via Burbank, Chatsworth, Oxnard and Ventura.

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Vimeo icon Rail exit from Göteborg towards Uddevalla (winter) Relentless rail #13 [2:53] (2017-01-24) Silent accelerated (×3) cab ride of exit from Göteborg C towards Uddevalla on the Bohuslän line (Bohusbanan). Negotiates countless points, freight spurs, goes through 4 major junctions, crosses several major roads and 2 rivers (Säveån + the Marieholm swing bridge over Göta Älv). Footage stops short of Lillhagen on Hisingen just N of Göteborg.

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Vimeo icon Göteborg to Alingsås in 9 minutes Relentless rail #12 [8:52] (2017-01-23) Silent accelerated cab ride on first 45 km of mainline Göteborg-Stockholm through valleys, rocky massifs, forest, lakes, etc. Place names, population counts, altitudes (elevations) and other types of information added as subtitles.

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HTML5 icon Vimeo icon Boråsbanan: Göteborg to Borås in 14 mins Relentless rail #11 [13:46] (2017-01-07) Silent accelerated (×4.77) 73 km cab ride between Sweden’s second and eighth biggest cities through challenging terrain with rocky massifs, forest, marshland, lakes at different altitudes, rapids., etc. Place names, population counts, altitudes (elevations) and other types of information added as subtitles.

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Vimeo icon Domodossola to Locarno in 15 mins Relentless rail #10 Trenino velocità  ridicola Ferrovia Vigezzina/Centovallina [16:43]. Accelerated cab ride [14:45] (no audio) preceded by maps and info [1:58]; annotated with locations, populations, elevations, direction of travel, etc. Via Masera, Trontano, Druogno, Santa Maria Maggiore, Malesco, Rè¨, Camedo, Intragna. Other excellent videos of this scenic line exist, including Centovalli railway drivers view Locarno-Domodossola (clips 1, 2 and 3) and Laurent Fasnacht’s 2-hour real time original, used to produce this turbo-speed version. More info about this scenic railway in Domodossola-Locarno Railway (Wikipedia).

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? Inverness to Thurso & Wick Relentless rail #8 [5:50] cab ride, outside shots, abbr., incl stills, accelerated sequences, no audio.

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? Dingwall to Kyle of Lochalsh Relentless rail #9 [6:15] cab ride, outside shots, abbr., accelerated sequences, a few stills, no audio

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Tallinn-Valga Tallinn to Tapa, Tartu and Valga in 20 mins Relentless rail #7 [21:23] (2013) Estonian rail accelerated cab ride, complete, annotated, bkgrd mus instr. rock.

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? Wien Südbahnhof to Venezia Santa Lucia in 43 mins Relentless rail #6 [42:58] (2010) complete, annotated, ‘ludicrous speed’ ‘super-accelerated‘, backwards, no audio; via Wiener Neustadt, Gloggnitz, Semmering, Mürzzuschlag, Bruck-an-der-Mur, Klagenfurt, Villach, Udine, Treviso, Pordenone, Mestre [HELP]

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YRK2MAN icon York to Manchester Piccadilly in 15 mins. Relentless rail #5 [15:04] (2011) complete accelerated cab ride, annotated, no audio via Church Fenton, Leeds, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Stalybridge, Guide Bridge

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? Low Gill to Tebay [2:16] (2015-04-23) smartphone (3 takes), passenger view S & E, real time, live audio (v. quiet)

Glasgow Queen Street to Crianlarich in 5 mins (was Relentless rail #4). Replaced by first 31 mins of Relentless Rail #18.

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ShrewsburyMachynlleth Shrewsbury to Machynlleth in 12 mins. Relentless rail #1 [11:31] (1988-05-11) cab ride, accelerated, no audio, via Welshpool, Newtown, Caersws.

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Machynlleth-Pwllheli icon Machynlleth to Pwllheli in 15 mins. Relentless rail #2 [14:49] (1988-05-11) cab ride complete, accelerated, no audio; via Cyffordd Dyfi/Dovey Junction, Aberdyfi, Tywyn, Barmouth, Harlech, Penrhyndeudraeth, Porthmadog, Criccieth

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Borth etc.

DyfiAberystwyth Cyffordd Dyfi/Dovey Junction - Aberystwyth in 3 mins. Relentless rail #3 [03:05] (1988-05-11) complete sunny cab ride, accelerated, no audio; via Borth

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Vimeo icon Terrific Termini ‘A’ series (nerdy quiz) [1:17:42] (2018-05-12) String of clips showing UK rail terminus stations as places where trains arrive and depart. Can you identify all 51 termini? (I can’t) Answers in red after each clip. Info Info and details.

Vimeo icon Terrific Termini ‘B’ series (nerdy quiz) [1:11:32] (2018-05-12) Second quiz battery: string of clips of UK rail terminus stations. Can you identify them? Answers in red after each of the 41 clips. Info Info and details.

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Gbg Trams

? Göteborg trams 2, 3 and 7 in and around city centre [11:05] driver’s view, accelerated, no audio


? Istanbul Tram #1, Karaköy/Tophane to Kabata? [4:20] (2015-12-08, c 13:30) smartphone passenger view from Istanbul tram #1 going NE along European shore of Bosphorous, real time, live audio.

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Nant Gwrtheyrn

Vimeo icon Pontllyfni to Nant Gwrtheyrn (Llithfaen) [08:25] (2011-07-30, ed. 2017-02-23) Scenic sunny drive (edited) on Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales. Passes Clynnog Fawr, Llanaelhaearn, Yr Eifl and Llithfaen. Filmed before coastal forest above Nant Gwrtheyrn was destroyed in a hurricane. No audio.

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Burbank Tourism

? Burbank Tourist Drive [also on YouTube] [11:29] (2009-11-14) Nokia phone footage (passenger view through windscreen) of a drive along route 405, along Ventura Blvd, then past Burbank's studio domains (Universal, Warner, Disney), all late on a Sunday afternoon in November 2009. I’m the tourist with the phone camera and Peter D Kaye is my driver and guide. The TV music stereotype studies used in this clip are by Tagg and can be heard complete under Hearing the Detectives at Tracks used in this video are "Coke Squad", "Robocopter", "Throg's Neck Thugs", "Afroglass Club 33" and "Arizona Drains".

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? Californian Driving Day Trip [15:38] (2009-11-15) Passenger’s windscreen view of places/things like Santa Monica, Pacific Highway, Malibu, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Ventura Freeway, Topanga Canyon. To save space, the constant driving (great shots) is slightly sped up and there is no audio track. My host, driver and guide on this trip was Peter D Kaye (Santa Monica).

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Phi Vivaro (Curino) - Brusnengo [03:04] (Dec 2012) Smartphone thru passenger windscreen. Driver: Franco Fabbri. Led Zeppelin on car stereo.

Phi Milano Centrale to Via Guerrini [04:11] (2012) Smartphone twilight footage, passenger’s windscreen view, of Milan traffic. Driver: Franco Fabbri. Music: XTC - Scarecrow People.

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? Tunel lo Prado (Chile) [1:46] (2013-08-24, 13:28) Smartphone, passenger windscreen view; route 68 (Santiago-Valparaíso);
Lo Prado tunnel (2,808 m). Chilean music on in-car stereo; driver: Rodrigo Torres

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? Pontllyfni to Caernarfon [7:15] (2014-12-14) Passenger view; A499 Pontllyfni-Caernarfon; real time, real audio, abbreviated (Llanwnda & Bontnewydd skipped).

? Finding Ffynnon Wen [02:43] (2014-12-14) How to find Ffynnon Wen when approaching Pontllyfni (SW of Caernarfon), on the A499 (Ll?n Peninsula artery) towards Pwllheli; real time, real audio

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? Carretera A64 Vilaviciosa towards Oviedo (Asturias) [04:03] (2015-09-09) Smartphone footage, passenger’s windscreen view, driving West on motorway running parallel to the Asturian coast, east of Oviedo/Gijón. Driver: Diego Garcia Peinazo.

? From ‘The Rocket’ to Merebank [003:54] (2018-01-10) Smartphone footage, passenger’s windscreen view from west end of M62 motorway in the eastern suburbs of Liverpool to Merebank Tower in Sefton Park. Driver: Martin Dempsey.

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? Hotel Lift in Granada [01:03] (2012-05-10) Views of the Sierra Nevada and of the city recorded on smartphone while using the lift in Granada’s Abba Hotel (sic)

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? Plaza San Luis in Valparaíso [00:31] (2013-08-11) Cartographical anomaly. 360° manual smartphone pan at the point in the Monte Alegre district of Valparaíso where seven streets converge (Plazuela San Luis).

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? Aberllyfni + Traeth Pontllyfni [01:55] (2014-12-15) Where the Afon Llyfni flows fast into the Irish Sea. 360° manual pan on one of Wales’s most scenic (not warmest or sandiest) beaches. Good footage of December-grey sea and small breakers with good audio of water over pebbles on beach; real time; real audio.

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? Road to Spurn Head breached [00:40] (2015-07-27, 19:09; breached December 2013) Cartographical anomaly. Manual 360° smartphone pan at narrowest point at Spurn. Holding the umbrellas: Kaire Maimets.

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Stuff composed, arranged or performed by Philip Tagg
Stuff composed, arranged or performed by others

Audio (only) by Philip Tagg

Hearing Detectives | Real title tunes | Röda Kapellet |
Duo Seraphim | Xmas | Examples | Voice recognition

Miscellaneous arrangements



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  1. Samtal (SvTV 1980)

  2. (a) Jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden (original) (1982)
    (b) Jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden (broadcast) (SRP1, 1982)

  3. Packhus 18 (normal)
    Packhus 18 (rock)  
    (SvTV 1981)

  4. Studio G (as broadcast on TV)
    Studio G (end titles) (1982)

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Go to top of file Duo Seraphim (4:42, HD, 2018-04-05) . SSATTB anthem for Trinity by Philip Tagg, sung by the choir of King’s College Cambridge, conducted by David Willcocks, on Trinity Sunday, 1963. This video includes the synchronised score. Apologies for the abysmal audio quality of the recording — via a Philips reel-to-reel machine at 3¾ i.p.s. with distortion at high-volume peaks, all transferred to cassette. Still, the gutsy enjoyment of the piece is infectious, unmistakable and rendered faultlessly by the choir. I was impressed then and still am 58 years later. Worth a listen even if the audio quality is rubbish. Full score also available separately.

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OTTP (or UTTB) Korg M1 versions of Christmas Carols for the English School in Göteborg. Needless to say: never used!

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ABORIGINAL Trad. (North Arnhem Land): Djedbangari (‘Djapani’) from Australian Aboriginal Folk Songs (Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive [sic!] Music).

BA-BENZÉLÉ (Trad.) ‘Lullaby 1’ from Music of the Ba-Benzélé Pygmies (UNESCO, 1965)

GÖTEBORGS BRECHTENSEMBLE: Alabama Song (Brecht/Weill, arr. Andersson, Avanti AVLP 06, 1979); lead vocals: Liliane Håkansson, guitar: Bengt Blomgren, keyboard: Bernt Andersson.

Jan LING & Märta Ramsten: The Gärdeby Folk Melody: A Musical Migrant (1985).
- Music examples — mp3, 18 mins
- Music examples — list of items, timings, docx

Tõnis MÄGI: Koit (=‘Dawn’, 1987)

Rev. D.C. RICE: A Sure Foundation ‘ There Is Honey In The Rock’ (c 1928)

STORMY SIX: ‘Panorama’ (Leddi) from Al Volo (1982); also viewable as notation.

VIETNAM (Trad): ‘Do Doc Do Ngang’ (Boat Song) from Music from Vietnam & Cambodia (1999)

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No media embedded in first three presentations
These presentations are useless on tiny phone screens. Use laptop, desktop or tablet instead!

I was so Naïve!’ Forty years of frustration with music, musicians, musicology and popular music studies. Keynote, NIMiMS symposium, Leeds Beckett University, 17 January, 2015

Troubles with Tonal Terminology ... on the de-ethnocentrification of structural terminology. XII Congreso SIBE, Universidad de Extremadura, Cáceres, 8 November 2012

Musemes in The Mission (regular teaching, Music & Moving Image, Montréal, 2008; rev. 2012)

Dénoter la voix : une approche pragmatique et didactique (in French and English). Keynote, colloque international La voix dans les chansons : approches musicologiques, Lyon & Paris 2016-03-03, 04.

The VVA Way to a Commonsense Conceptualisation of Music: Visual-Verbal Association and image as metonymic intermediary in the understanding of musical meaning. Keynote presentation at conference Transpositions: Music/Image, XIII International Conference of the Department of Musicology, Faculty of Music, University of the Arts, Belgrade, 13 October 2016.Audiovisual and text hyperlinks. UNSUITABLE FOR DEVICES WITH TINY SCREENS (use laptop, desktop or tablet instead!).

Linking Musical Text and Context …putting the music back into popular music studies… Prepared for the 2nd-year BA degree course in Music
University of Manchester, 16 November 2012

Music in [Popular] Music Studies: an epistemological necessity, a.k.a [Popular] music studies and the need for an urgent reform of music theory. UNSUITABLE FOR DEVICES WITH TINY SCREENS (use laptop, desktop or tablet instead!). PowerPoint presentation given at the Music Departments at the univerisities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1-2 November 2016.

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Google have mechanised identification of recorded works used in videos posted by YouTube users. While this practice may serve a purpose in combatting the illegal duplication and redistribution of copyrighted work, it is irrelevant to the ‘edutainment’ clips I produce that relate to the topics I have taught and researched since 1971: Popular Music Analysis, Popular Music History, Semiotics of Music in the Mass Media, etc. (see my CV). These subjects are of central importance in the understanding of meanings and ideologies circulating in today’s world. It is altogether impossible to disseminate information about these topics without citing extracts from copyrighted work that demonstrate or exemplify essential points of method and content.


No clip listed on this page contains any infringement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Every such clip citing the work of other authors conforms to all criteria determining the fair and/or scholarly use of citation according to U.S. Federal Law (Sections 107-118 of the Copyright Act; title 17, U.S. Code), as well as to the precedent concerning the transformative nature of work citing other works (Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music Inc, 510 U.S. 569; 1994). If, as copyright holder, you wish to contest the posting of any material included in a recorded file on this website, please send me a short email message so that I can put you in contact with 'my lawyer’ (he co-authored a large book with me and practises as a senior media lawyer in New York).

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YouTube carpet bombing. YouTube mechanically scans all uploaded videos for potential breaches of copyright. Even if I’m 100% within the law, several of my videos on YouTube have been treated like terrorists: they are either ‘blocked in some countries’ or ‘worldwide’, or flagged as containing ‘matched third-party content’, or they have simply been taken down. I have repeatedly complained to YouTube that their mechanical policing of my edutainment videos contravenes the ‘Fair Use’ provisions made in US law for the dissemination of scholarly, non-profit productions but I have been threatened with total excommunication from YouTube if I persist in vindicating this democratic right and pursuing this educational duty. ( Fair use definitions are in the US Federal Code ('Copyright Law of the United States', 2011), §107 (p. 19) and §118 (p. 74) [PDF, government document]; for info on the transformative factor in Fair Use, see here). Most videos listed in this file can be either viewed on, or downloaded from, this site if you click on the relevant link. I have now dumped YouTube altogether and use it no more. They are welcome to ostracise me: I neither want nor need them anyhow. My audiovisual materials are now accessible on Vimeo or on this site. Happy viewing/listening!

For more about copyright, check out this section on this site...

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