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Getting to Merebank

Top of page General location of Merebank in SE Liverpool

Merebank is a 14-story tower block situated by Sefton Park in southeast Liverpool.
Postcode: L17 1AE | Latitude: 53.384883 | Longitude: -2.931322 | Large-scale map

Top of page Immediate vicinity of Merebank (large-scale map) [see general map]

Top of page From Lime Street to Merebank by public transport

Taxi | Train | Bus

Top of page Taxi

Your destination is Merebank Court on Greenbank Drive. It should take c 9 mins from Lime Street.
(see maps and photos and getting into the building).

  • Take black cab (£10 incl 10% tip) from roofed rank at left (south) exit from Lime Street station.
  • Order an Uber cab to pick you up on the street outside somewhere and to take you here (£7-£8).
    Don't use black cab taxi rank as pickup point!

Top of page Train: walking from Mossley Hill station [see also from Wavertree Technology Park station]

During weekday daytime, local trains to Manchester Oxford Road leave Liverpool Lime Street’s platform 5 at 27 and 55 mins past each hour. The second stop is 8 minutes later at Mossley Hill (after Edge Hill). Go up steps at rear end of platform on to Rose Lane (see photo and this map). From Mossley Hill station it’s a 20-minute walk to Merebank as follows:

[1] Left on to Rose Lane (W) for 20 m and 1st R into Palmerston Rd (N), as shown above.
[2] Follow Palmerston Rd round bend to L (W), then straight until T-junction with North Mossley Hill Road;
[3] Turn R into N Mossley Hill Rd (N) past Elmesley Rd (on R) to traffic lights (see [4]).
[4] Use controlled pedestrian crossing to cross Queen's Drive at traffic lights, as shown here.
[5] Continue N on North Mossley Hill Rd into leafy suburb with private schools etc.,
past Ibbotson's Lane (on L) and Penny Lane (on R) with student village on L, as shown here.

[6] 1st L (W) after Penny Lane and student accommodation into Greenbank Lane.
[7] <5 mins later, Merebank is the tower block on your R.

[8] Just after the green-fenced car park, go R into Merebank Court grounds and enter the bldg via the entrance on Greenbank Drive on the other side of bldg (see this photo and this map). Access into building, etc. (video 0'37").


Top of page Train to Wavertree Technology Park station and bus #60

If you come by train from Manchester Airport, or via Wigan, or by stopping train from Manchester Victoria, you can leave the train at Wavertree Technology Park station (trains | plan & facilities). There you can either order an Uber (suggested pickup point: corner of Rathbone and Shanklin Road going southwest, see below) or take the 60 bus (timetable, journey time to corner of Smithdown and Ullet Rd 10 mins, see below).

To use the 60 bus, take the south exit from the station and cross Rathbone Road, as shown above. Turn right and walk along the far (east) side of Rathbone Rd for 2-3 mins until you reach the first no. 60 bus stop by the shops near the intersection with Ventnor Rd. Buses pass every 12 mins daytime on weekdays, destination Aigburth.

After a couple of minutes the 60 bus crosses Picton Road. You're now on Wellington Rd until you pass under the railway, after which you're on Gainsborough Rd (see map, next) until you arrive at the lights and T-junction with Smithdown Rd, where bus 60 turns 90° left. After a few hundred metres the 60 bus turns 135° right into Ullet Rd (see below). Get off at the first stop after the 135° turn and walk left into Lathbury Lane which curves left and leads into Greenbank Drive. Turn c 80° right and follow Greenbank Drive for 4-5 minutes (looks like this) until you reach Merebank (see large-scale map and short video explaining access to building).


Top of page Bus from Lime Street station

The most frequent and convenient bus route from Lime Street station is the 86 —also 86A (Airport), 86C (Childwall), 86D (Speke) (24 mins + 7 mins walk, timetable) Bus no. 4 goes only once in the hour and leaves not from Lime Street/Elliot street but from the Liverpool ONE bus station (see next map) but it does stop right outside Merebank on Greenbank Lane (26 mins, see timetable and this map). However, the 86 calls at the Elliot Street stops situated 2 mins walk diagonally left down from Lime Street station front (see photo below next map). [See here for bus 60 from Wavertree Technology Park station].

Top of page Bus no. 4

Bus 4 leaves once every hour on the hour from the Liverpool ONE bus station.

Bus 4 is the Dingle/Mossley Hill circular; it goes “all round Will’s mothers” . It arrives at 24 minutes past the hour at Sefton Park/Greenbank Lane, just outside Merebank, 1 min's walk from the main entrance on the opposite side of the Merebank building(see this photo, this map and this timetable). Access to building (short video) .

Top of page Bus no. 86 —frequent, reliable and close to Lime Street station: includes 86A (Airport), 86C (Childwall), 86D (Speke) (timetable)

The 86 buses call at the Elliot Street stop just down from Lime Street station.

The 86 turns R out of Elliot St on to Lime St.

Lime Street becomes Renshaw Street

Just before the bombed-out church, the 86 turns left into Leece Street

Leece becomes Hardman Street past the Philharmonic until....

... it turns sharp right into Catherine St by Liverpool Community College.
The 86 continues along Catherine St (Georgian Quarter)
until it reaches Upper Parliament St.

The 86 turns left (no photo) from Catherine Street into Upper Parliament St (A 562), passing the Liverpool Women’s Hospital on the left (no photo) until, a few minutes later, it arrives at the fiveway traffic lights (photo) just after a 45° bend.

At the Lodge Lane/Tunnel Road lights (above) the 86 bus continues straight into Smithdown Road
(A 562), descending past the new Bluecoat School (on L),Toxteth Park Cemetry (on R) and
ASDA Smithdown Road (on R, next photo).

A few hundred metres later it passes this road sign

At the traffic lights 200 m later, it veers left and stops at Borrowdale Road (a k a The Brook House). Get off.
The view E from the Borrowdale Rd bus stop is shown here.

Turn back in the direction you came from and cross Smithdown Road at the lights (red line in photo, below)
into Greenbank Drive (L in photo).

Merebank is a good 5 mins walk down Greenbank Drive from the lights where you just crossed Smithdown Road (see also this map).

Instructions for access to building, etc.

Top of page For 60 bus from Wavertree Technology Park station, see here.

Top of page By car from M62

Top of page Video: Driving to Merebank from end of M62 (4½ mins; see also verbal summary)


Top of page Verbal summary: driving to Merebank from end of M62 (see video)

  1. The M62 peters out by The Rocket pub in the eastern suburbs of Liverpool.
    Get into left lane and turn sharp 110° left just before flyover. Then merge into Queens Drive going south.
  2. c 1km later, at Childwall Fiveways roundabout, go 45° R —3rd exit— on to Queens Drive towards SW. After 2 sets of lights (c 1½ km), get in the right-hand lane at the following roundabout and place yourself in one of the two right-turn lanes at the ensuing traffic lights (see main video, 01:40-02:10).
  3. Turn right into Allerton Road, go through 5 sets of lights and under the main line from Crewe and London.
  4. At the second lights after the railway turn sharp L into Greenbank Drive. The Merebank tower block is on the left of Greenbank Drive, <1 km from the traffic lights, in the trees on an easy right-hand curve. There is usually plenty of parking available on Greenbank Drive close to the entrance to Merebank (see this map).
  5. To get to my flat, enter its number on the keypad situated to the right of the entrance and wait for someone to answer the intercom. Please, for security reasons, identify yourself to whoever answers the audio intercom and pull the right-hand door when you hear the buzzing sound (see this short video).
  6. Enter the building, go through the double doors in front of you and take the lift, on your right, to the 14th floor (video).

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(Liverpool 2018-01-18)