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updated 2018-01-08
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w Garry Tamlyn &
David Brackett
(Liverpool, 1995)

Wallanderland: STF:s Vandrahem, Sandskogen, Ystad (1996)
PT Margit Mia

w Serge Lacasse, Liverpool,
June 2000

Shandy Hall
Kaire M and PT chez Lawrence Sterne, July 2015

Tartu Stn
At Tartu station, August 2016




Maps & directions


By car from end of M62 - video (4½ mins)

On foot from Mossley Hill station

By bus and foot from City Centre

Other locations

Taggs and Tagges: Northern Germany and Southern Denmark
Tartu: driving in from the south to reach Kastani B&B
US states sized in proportion to frequency of occurrence in Country music lyrics