Histoire de la musique populaire anglophone :
West African origins / Origines ouest-africaines

Slave deportation map and figures, 15th-16th centuries
Slave deportation map and figures, 17th century
Slave deportation map and figures, 18th century
Slave deportation map and figures, 19th century
Slave ship packing plan, 18th century
Slave market ad, Charleston SC, 1769
Slave market ad, Lexington KY, 1853

Senegalese griot with banjo-like instrument
West African “banjos” (1)
West African “banjos” (2)
Plantation dance c. 1840
Banjo and guitar, Nashville, c. 1950

Dan Emmett & Billy Whitlock c. 1840
Medicine show, early C20
Stephen Foster statue
Fiske Jubilee Singers c. 1900
String Band (Atlanta?) c. 1900
String Band, Alabama, 1950s

Share Cropper family, c. 1920
Cotton picking c. 1950
Cotton merchant “The Man”, c. 1930
Track lining, c. 1930
Parchman (MI) station, c. 1950
Ellis Penitentiary hall, 1966
Jailhouse blues ad c.1940
Guard overseeing cotton pickers, 1966
Flatweeding, 1965
Benny Richardson with axe, 1965
Cross-cutting, Ellis, 1966
Waterboy with loggers, 1965
Logloading, 1966

Mississippi delta aerial view
Clarksdale (MI) c. 1950
Dockery's estate, c. 1950
Moore's juke joint, c. 1950
“Coloured Café” - black juke joint, c. 1950
Juke joint dancing, c. 1950
Boycott black c. 1950
Home interior 1 (mother and children), c. 1970
Home interior 2 (man by stove), c. 1970
Home interior 3 (old woman), c. 1970
Charlie Patton, c. 1940


Handy Park, Memphis
Ma Rainey, 1920s

Charlie Span