Latian English
activitá (f) activity
addiyí (v) I added (1 p sing aor addir)
adve (prp) towards
alcun /a /s /as several, a few, 1 or 2, śome, etc.
allegravaun (v) were lightening up (3 p pl imperf allegrár)
amar (v) to love
an /en /s (m) year /s
anțqe me ne ando before I go away
apos (prp) after
apprexar (v) to appreciate
arrivaró (v) I will arrive (1 p sing fut arrivar)
aspectarse (v) to expect
assai (adv) rather, enough e.g. allegro assai)
assíqe (cnj) as well as
asta (prp) till, up to…, jusqu'à
avraun notat (v) will have noticed (3 p pl fut haver + pp notár)
avría (v) would have (3 p sing cond haver)
avría potut esse (v) could have been
axensor (m) lift, elevator
beibi (mf) baby
benqe (cnj) although (+ subj)
bitx (f) bitch
bon /a /s /as good
brun (adj) brown
bubuar to boo
bullxit (m) bullshit
cada every (+ sing)
cambio /n /s (m) change (noun)
cambrex /sca /xes /scas Welsh
cambrexisante Welsh-speaking
camina (f) road
campanya (f) campaign, countryside
car cara cares caras (adj) dear
centayas (f) hundreds
cert /a /es /as (adj) certain
ci-bax (adv) [here] below
ciberspațe /n (m) cyberspace
cincant fifty
clariter (adv) clearly
clatx (m) clutch (in car)
colar (v) to stick (attach adhesively)
collina (f) hill
com ja dict as already said, as said above
come how, as
communitá community
comsi as if…
consecutio temporum sequence of tenses
conté, contés county, counties
continualiter (adv) continually
cum (prp) with
cummençar (v) to begin
cuncevibel (adj) conceivable
cunsily /en /es (m) council, board
cuntenyun (v) [they] contain (3 p pl pres cuntenir)
cunyoxér (v) to know (connaître)
currupt /a /s /as (ppp) spoilt, ruined, corrupted 
custrúr (v) to construct
cuyor (prn) whose (pl.)
cuyus (prn) whose (sing.)
cuzistença (f) co-existence
dataun (v) they date (3 p pl pres datar)
de un día a otren from one day to the next (other)
decidime (v) we decide
dehesín (f) the unsticking ("de-adhesion")
deteificai (f) detheification (getting rid of god[s])
deusesen (m) the gods
dict (ppp) [having been] said (ppp dír)
dispariți (f) disappearance
dispensar (v) to dispense with (+ dir obj)
divinó (v) became (3 p sing aor divenir)
drit /en /s (m) right (noun)
dum (cnj) while
durante (prp) during
duve (cnj/prn) from which/where, whence
enlineat /a /s /as (adj) [having been] put on line/uploaded (ppp)
erroniter (adv) erroneously, in error
explica-se (v) is explained (3 p sing pres explicarse)
fame (v) we do, we make (1 p pl pres fár)
fan (v) [they] do/make (3 p pl pres fár)
farle (v inf) to do it
farsi (v rflx dat) make for yourself,  to get (an idea)
fas /en /es (m) phase /s
feliciter (adv) happily
ferrovia (f) railway
fibel, fibles (adj) feeble, weak
fil /en /s (m) file
fin /en /s (f) end, the end, endings
finya (v) finishes (3 p sing pres subj finir)
fixentxips (m) fish and chips
forma (f) form
formase is formed
forte/fortes strong
fortim (adv) strongly
fox perhaps, maybe
francex /sca /xes /scas French
frangivocal (adj) vociferous, lit=voice-breaking
franqiter (adv) frankly
frex /sca /xes /scas fresh
fronte (m) front, forehead
fu was (3rd p. sing. aorist esse)
fuáun (v) they were (3 p pl aor esse)
ĝeim game
gente (m) people (general)
go (prn) I/me (1 p sing nomin)
grande, grandes big, large
ha (v) has (3 p sing pres haver)
haun  [they] have (3rd p. pl. pres haver)
hōm (m) man
homen (m) the man
hōms (m) men
homsen (m) the men
iberic /a /s /as Iberian
ici here
implus (adv) moreover
impressi (f) impression
imprunt /en /s (m) loan, borrowing[s], loanword[s]
incitó (v) incited (3 p sing aor incitár)
incumbrat /a (pp) encumbered, weighed down
influençat (pp) influenced
inquant (cnj) inasmuch as, to the extent that
intercumprenderse to understand each other
ínyi, inyis (m) fire, fires
iț, ița this
ițes, ițas those
iți (prn) this [thing, indef]
iye, iya that, like celui/celle in Fr
iyes, iyas those, like ceux/celles in Fr
ja (adv) already (déjà)
junt /a /s /as (pp) joined (to), next (to)
laț, lața, lațes, lațas Latian
lațan the Latian language or female
latin /a /s /as Latin (adj)
latinan the Latin language or female
lațofon Latian-speaking
lector (mf) reader
legibel, legibles (adj) readable, legible
leibel, leibles (m) label, labels
lent (adj) slow
lentim slowly
liber, libres (m) book, books
limitrof /a /es /as bordering, limitrophe
lingua (f) language, tongue
locutor (mf) speaker (human)
maimox rather, plutôt (lit.=sooner)
mais (adv) more
malfa  despite, in spite of
man, mans (f) hand, hands
mapear (v) to map
marc, marqes (m) mark, marks
marc, marqes (m) mark, marks
mayoritá (f) majority
measen mine
melior better
mens (adv) less
mim (adv) even
morse /en /es piece /s, bit /s
mox soon
mui /a /es /as (adj) much, many
muis, muyas (adj) many
musical, musicais musical
muy (adv) much, very
muyer, muyeres (f) woman, women
nemo no-one
nen, nens (m) child, children
nerlandofon Dutch-speaking
noscum with us
notar (v) to note, to notice
notavaun (v) were noticing (3 p pl imperf notár)
noți /s (f) notion /s
nou, noua, noues, nouas our
nov /a /es /as (adj) new
novant ninety
novdex nineteen
nul  nothing
nullim in no way
number, numbres number, numbers
numbros /a /es /as numerous
nuyos /a /es /as boring
odir (v) to hate
odje (adv) today
óffis /en /es (m) office, bureau
oíbel (adj) audible (from oír, to hear)
omfalo /n /s (m) navel, centre
origin /en /s  origin /s
óter /tra /tres /tras (adj) other
ótravez (adv) again (repeat it!)
ótres, ótra (see óter)
ótrim (adv) otherwise
ótriter (adv) in another way
otruve elsewhere
país (m) country, nation
paja /n /s page /s
pansé /n /s (f) thought
parió (v) appeared (3 p sing aor parer)
parlaun are speaking (3 p pl pres parlar)
parlavaun were speaking (3 p pl impf parlar)
parsus (v particp) spared (ppp)
partiter (adv) in part, partially
per (prp) through, by (agent after passive)
perqe (cnj) because
perqén "the why"
plaudir to applaud
plavra /n /s word /s
pleniter (adv) fully
pluriter mostly
pocs / pocas (adj) few 
porría (v) wd be able (3 p sing cond posse)
porró (v) I will be able (1 p sing fut posse)
possaun (v) they can (3 p pl pres posse)
possime (v) we can (1 p pl pres posse)
posso (v) I can (1 p sing pres posse)
pra (prp) for…,  [in order] to (+ inf)
prefert /a /es /as (ppp) preferred
primariter primarily
prolungat /a lengthy, prolonged
promotiv promotional
promover promote (inf.)
pronunți (f) pronunciation
proponime (v) we propose/suggest (1 p pl pres proponer)
proxim /a/ s/ as next, nearest
proximitá proximity
qe which, whom (acc), what, that, than, etc.
qénqe (prn) whatever
qeqe (prn) what, that which
qi  which, who (rel prn nom.)
qisqi those who (nom.)
qual, quais (adj) which
qualqe (prn) something, some part of
qualunc (adv) of some kind or other
quant a  as to, regarding (quant à)
quic, quica, quics, quicas quick, fast
quo (adv) where
razonen (f) the reason
reacți (f) reaction
regles[en] (m) [the] rules
regul, reglen, regles (m) rule
remaneun (v) remain (3 p pl pres remaner)
remanevaun (v) were remaining (3 p pl impf remaner)
rescripsí (v) I rewrote (1 p sing aor rescrivér)
resemblaun [they] resemble (3rd p. pl. pres. resemblar)
resolver (v) solve, resolve
retenyun (v) retain, keep (3rd p pl pres retenir)
reter back (adv)
romanex /esca Romanian
sculparse (v rflx) to excuse oneself, say sorry
secți (f) section
sed but, on the other hand
sed /en/ s/ (m) seat
sembla (v) seems (3 p sing pres semblar)
sepe often
seró (v fut) I will be (1 p sing fut esse)
sexantcinc sixty-five
sicut as, in sense of comme, come, etc.
simul at the same time, together
sin (prp) without
sint [les] [they] are (3rd p. pl. pres. esse)
situat /a /s /as (ppp) situated
sortiun (v) come/go out (3 p pl pres sortir)
spiqer (m) speaker (device)
spredxit spreadsheet
steve (v) is necessary, 'il faut' (3 p indef pres defect)
su (prp) on
su /a /s /as (adj.prn) his/her/its (rflx)
sudest southeast
suedofon Swedish-speaking
survelya (v) surveys, monitors (3 p sing pr survelyár)
sustituit (v) replaced (past particip sustituir)
tais (adj) such (pl of tal, qv)
tal, tais (adj) such
tamben (adv) also
tant /a (adj) so much
tants, tantas (adj) so many
tentar (v) to tempt
terren /en /s (n) terrain
tīp /en /s (m) type, sort
totiț all this
treit (m) trait
trovavaun (v) [they] were finding (3 p pl imperf trovar)
txēr (m) chair
ultra (prp) beyond
umpo (adv) a (little) bit
uz /en /es (m) use (utilisation)
uzame we use (1 p pl pres uzár)
uzande (v particip) using
van /a /s /as (adj) vain
see! (imp. sing. vidér)
verb /en /s /sen verb /s
veriter (adv) truly
versi /n /s version /s
vēz /en /es (f) time, go, turn, fois, volta
vicin /en / a/ s /as (n/adj) neighbour /s, neighbouring
vivevo (v) I was living (1 p sing imperf vivér)
volutarse (v rflx) to wallow (inf) 
vou, voua, voues, vouas your (pl)
vouasen yours
xudá (f) city
ya  there is/there are (il y a)
yam now
yēr (adv) yesterday
zona (f) area, zone