Detailed VVA Response Grid

— down to 4-digit category level
— based on the VVA Taxonomy in Ten Little Title Tunes (Tagg & Clarida: 2003: 745-768)

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0. General and extras

Section 0 is split into two subsections: [1] 00, containing test-technical data like blanks, recognitions and
illegible responses; [2] 02 and 03, containing VVAs relating to narrative time.

00 — Test statistics
0000 blank response
0010 recognition
0030 illegible answer
02 — Synoptic time position - VVAs referring to the temporal position of the test
piece in relation to the production of which it is imagined to be a part
021 — Beginning
0210 first 5 minutes, curtain soon up, introduction, introductory, main theme, now it starts!, opening, overture, start, start (film), title theme, title tune, titles
022 — Middle
0220 scene, scenes
0221 episode (part), part (middle)
0222 break in action, entr'acte
023 — End
0230 at the end, end, ending, final
0231 ending (happy), ends up (OK), ends up (victorious)
03 — Episodic time position
VVAs referring to passing tim
e INSIDE the narrative imagined on hearing the test piece
031 — Future time
0311 about to (do), going to (do), not yet, will (do sg.)
0312 about to happen, about to start, before (sg.), being announced, I'm expecting, imminent, preparatory, sg. is expected, soon, we know what
0313 consequences (bad), leading to (future), series/events, time ahead
0314 after long time (future), at future date, later on (future), sometime (future), turns out (fine), what we'll do, will work out
032 — Present time
0321 at this moment
0322 just started, last time (before now), sg. ends/starts
0323 after a while, after which, becomes (scene), changes into, changes mood, changes to, later on (continuous), switches to, we follow
0324 during something, meanwhile, while (present)
033 — Past time
0331 goal reached, has (just) been, has just, just (done)
0332 after sg., finally, just (after), something has happened
0333 has and still is
0334 after long (past), after long time, once again (past), used to (do), what we did

1. General attributive affects

10 — Culturally ambivalent

Section 10 contains VVAs descriptive of affect that a general consensus in Northwestern European / North American societies would most likely determine as neither clearly positive nor clearly negative.

101 — Relative dynamism
1010 excited (emotional), excitement, exciting, some excitement, vibes in body
1011 competition, conflict, drama, dramatic, good v bad, rivalry
1012 emotion, emotional, feelings, human (story), lots of feeling, moving (emot.), strong feelings, touching (emot.), very emotional
1014 challenging, involvement, stimulating
1015 "h�ftig", "h�ftigt", "�s", action, action packed, adventure, getting intense, go (vigour), in action, intense, intensity, lots happening, lots of action, verve
1016 complex, complex plot, complicated, questions
1017 different, rather different, varied, varying
1018 irregular, irregularity
101H hullabaloo (neutral)
101~ action (small), exciting (small), less tense, not too much action, not very intensive
102Relative stasis
1020 everyday, everyday life, familiar, home, neutral, neutral part, ordinary, our life, typical (usual)
1021 "lagom", no conflicts, no danger, no drama, not dangerous, not sad, not violent, unaggressive
1022 easy (simple), simple
1028 regular, regularity, straight (line)
1029 always has been, how it is, life's like this, the way it is
103 — Reflection, sentimentality, lyricism
1030 reflections, reflective
1031 bitter-sweet, melodramatic, sentimental, sentimentality, very sentimental
1032 memories, nostalgia, nostalgic
1035 contemplative, introvert
1036 dreams, fantasy
1037 magical, mystical, mysticism
1038 a bit elegiac, lyrical, poetical
103~ "lyrical"
104 — Determination
1040 confident look, definite goal, deliberate, deliberate (mvt.), determination, in order to do, path (metaph.), resolutely, would never accept, willed
1047 definitely, destinies, destiny, fate, no way back, predetermined, too late
1048 definitive
105 — Abandon (unbridled)
1050 abandon (emotional), uncontrollably
1051 ecstatic, total identification (emotional), oblivion (love), passion, passionate
1053 free fantasy
1054 wild
1055 "fuckin's good", "hot stuff", "snusk", hot love, no censorship, sex
1056 OK (so what?)
106 — Balance, control
1061 controlled, controlled emotions, reservations
1062 balanced, cool (manner), unruffled
1063 serious
107 — Humour
1070 comic effect, comical, funny, humorous, humour, quite funny, really funny
107J jokes, joking, pranks (stud.)
107P irony
108 — Cultural dominance
1080 important, prestige, prestigious
1081 glory
1082 pomp, pomp and circumstance, very grandiose
1083 refinement, sophisticated
1084 chivalrous
108N nationalist, patriotism
109 — Cultural emergence
1091 "tuff", "tuffhet", "tufft"
1092 bravado, daredevil, excess. bravery
1093 cool (hip), cool in hangout
1094 "bad", "fr�ck", "fr�ckt", flashy, hip, pop style, quite hip
1096 forbidden, sg. I shouldn't
1097 rebellious, underground (culture), want to change the world, we eat no shit, we take no more
109~ "'h�ftig'"

11 — Culturally positive

Section 11 contains VVAs descriptive of affect that a general consensus in Northwestern European / North American societies would most likely determine as positive rather than negative.

110 — Generally good
1100 all is well, good atmosphere, good times, good/nice, OK, pleasant, positive, sg positive, situation OK, sympathique
1101 delightful, lovely, milk and honey
1102 confident in future, encouraging, expectation, expectations, full of hope, hope, hopeful, promising
110~ "nice", "positive"
111 — Love and kindness
1110 affection, amiable, friendly, loving
1111 in love, love, requited love
1112 lots of love, romance, romantic, super romantic, very romantic
1113 seductive, sensual, sensualism, sensuality
1117 delicate, gentle, sensititve, tender, tenderness
1118 heart of gold, heart warming
1119 kind, well-meaning
111P path�tique
111~ "love", "seductive", "sensitive"
112 — Tranquility, serenity
1121 at peace, peace, peace of mind, peaceful
1122 calm, calmly, quiet, stillness, tranquil
1123 protected, secure, security
1124 harmonious, harmony (emotion)
1125 easy (relaxed), more relaxed, relaxation, relaxed, relaxing
113 — Joy, festivity
1130 elated, good humour, joy, joyful
1131 happiness, happy, happy (end), happy times, living happily
1132 "tra la la!", carefree
1134 amusing, cheery, fun, merriment
1138 celebratory, festive, festive mood, viva!, yipee!
113~ "happy"
114 Beauty, attraction
1140 attractive, beautiful, beauty, good looking
1141 enchanting
1142 grand, impressive, majestic, majesty
1143 decorated
1144 elegance, elegant, exquisite, plush, smart, urbane
1145 knockout (visually), ooh la-la!, shapely
115 Lightness, openness, freshness
1150 beams of light, bright, light (luminosity), luminous, shiny
1151 clear, fair
1152 easy (light), light (-weight), light (not heavy)
1153 frank, honest, open, openness, straight (emot.)
1154 free, freedom, set free
1155 budding, fresh, freshness
1156 childhood, juvenile, newness, rejuvenating, young, youngish, youthful
1157 brisk, healthy, healthy/fresh, keen and sporty, lively, sharp (keen), sprightly, vitality
1158 clean, innocent, pure, unspoiled
115~ "clean", "free", "pure"
116 Strength, pride, success
1160 strength, strong
1161 brave, bravery, courage, daring, heroic, heroic posture, heroically, heroism
1162 holds his own, independence, independent
1163 enterprise, initiative
1164 achievement, have upper hand, success, successful, victorious, victory
1165 honour, noble, proud, respect
116~ "bravery", "heroic deeds", "independent"
117 Wisdom, trust
1171 wisdom, wise
1172 justice
1174 trust
118 Order
1181 correct
1182 nicely arranged, order, ordered, tidiness, tidy, tidy patterns
1183 discipline, efficient
1184 well polished
119 Sociality
1190 good deeds, justice wins

12 — Culturally negative

Section 12 contains VVAs descriptive of affect that a general consensus in Northwestern European / North American societies would most likely determine as negative rather than positive.

120 Generically bad
1200 bad, nasty, something wrong, unpleasant
1201 awful (distasteful), evil, sg. even worse, terrible
1202 pain, suffering
1203 catastrophe, horrors, nightmares
121 Emnity, aggression, implacability
1210 aggression, aggressive, destructive
1211 hate
1212 anger, angry, rage, revenge
1213 implacability, merciless, no pity, unrelenting
1214 inhuman, mechanical (bad)
1215 hostile, inhospitable, inimical, unfriendly
1216 brutal, cruel, lots of violence, violence, violent
121~ not too much blood, not too much violence, slightly scary
122 Disturbance, danger
1220 disturbing, uneasy, unrest
1221 adversities, difficult, difficulties, has hard time, human collisions, life's problems, not easy, problems, setbacks, trials and tribulations
1222 confused, frustrated, perplexed, unreconciled, worried, worries, worry, worrying
1223 nerves, strained, tense, tension
1224 desperate
1225 danger, fateful, menacing, ominous, scary, threat, threatening
1226 agitation, frenetic, hectic, stress, tempestuous
1227 against the will of, despite, external obstacles, impossible, may not, must, reluctant
122~ "danger"
123 Sadness, boredom
1231 alas!, oh dear! oh dear!, what a pity!
1232 disappointment
1233 despondency, down in dumps, sad, sad things, sadness, unhappiness, unhappy
1234 deplorable, deplorable life, distressed, misery, sad as hell, sorrow, tragedy, tragic, very sad
1235 languishing, languishingly, melancholy, very melancholy
1236 "dor de cotovelo", abandoned (left alone), dejection, deserted (left alone), desolate, end of affair, in loneliness, left (behind), loneliness, lonely, loses (boy-girl), lost (love), missing, no friend, not there (he), rejected, totally alone
1237 boring, expressionless, laborious, listless, monotonous, staid
1238 pessimistic
123~ not too much misery
124 Ugliness, repulsion
1241 disgusting, gross (disgust), nauseated, repulsive, ugh!, ugly, yuck!
1242 creepy, weird
1244 boorish, crude, primitive, rude
1246 bombastic, gaudy
125 Darkness, encumbrance, clandestinity
1250 dark, darkness, gloomy
1251 enshrouded, hidden, in shadow of, mysterious, mystery, shady, stealth, stealthy, unclear (visually), veiled (clandestine)
1252 bulky, heavy
1253 confinement, constrained, enclosed, stuffy
1254 enslaved, imprisoned
1256 old (used), worn out
1257 illness, sick, sick humour, taken ill
1258 decadent, dirty, insalubrious, putrid, rotting, stale, tainted
1259 dead, death, die, died, half dead, has died
125D drugged, drunk
126 Weakness, fear, failure
1260 weak, weakness
1261 afraid, fear
1262 doubtful, hesitant, uncertain, uncertainty
1266 defeat, failure, no real success
1267 petty, puny, small-minded
1268 miserly, stingy
127 Madness, futility, suspicion, guilt
1271 absurd, ridiculous, silly, stupid
1272 crazy, id�es fixes, mad
1273 for what??, futile, pointless, useless
1274 guilt feelings, jealousy, paranoid, suspicion, suspicious
128 Disorder
1280 a mess, disorder, messy, shambles
1281 chaos, chaotic
128F state of flux
129 Asociality
1290 criminal, criminality, crooked (crim), delinquency, outside society, underworld
1291 bike theft, break in, prostitution, robbery, smuggling  

14 — Culturally neutral

Section 14 contains VVAs descriptive of phenomena rather than affects that a general consensus in Northwestern European / North American societies would most likely consider neutral, i.e. neither necessarily positive nor negative.

141 Asperity
1411 rough
1412 hard, hard-bitten, hard-boiled, quite hard, tough
1413 jagged, sharp
1414 tight
1415 steep
1417 bitter, bitterness
1418 dry
141~ a little rough
142 Mollity
1421 smooth
1422 mild, soft, soft-core, something soft, soothing
1423 curved, rounded
1424 loose (adj.)
1427 sweet, sweetness
1428 humid, wet
143 Heat
1431 lukewarm
1432 glowing, warm, warmth
1433 heat, hot, hot (weather), very hot
144 Cold
1441 cool (temperature)
1442 cold
1443 freezing, ice cold
145 Largeness
1450 big, large, something big
1451 enormous, great, huge, immense
1452 broad, wide
1453 high, tall
1454 long, long (day)
1455 full
1457 more and more
1459 total
145P official, public
146 Smallness
1460 little, small
1461 minuscule, tiny
1462 narrow
1463 low
1464 short (size)
1467 decreasing, less and less
146P intimate, private, secrets
146Q humility
147 Density
1470 compact
1471 crowded, filled with
1472 deep, deeply
148 Sparsity
1480 sparse
1481 emptiness, empty, quite empty
1482 shallow
149 Colour
1490 colourful, colours, strong colour
1491 white
1492 black
1493 blue, blue (dark), blue (light)
1494 green, green as hell
1495 crimson red, red, red colours
1496 orange, orange colours, yellow
149B brown
149G grey, greyish
149P pink, pink ("novela rosa")
149W blonde
149X all shades, pastel shades   

2. Beings, props, gatherings

Section 2 contains VVAs descriptive of all humans, animals, objects and props imagined on hearing each test piece.

20 — Generically human
2000 human
2010 Generic gender (human)
2011 male, virile
2012 female, feminine
21 — One human
210 Either gender (human)
2100 alone, a/the figure (human), he or she, I (me), lone figure, main character, man or woman, person, single (alone), someone
2101 child, orphan
2102 twenty-three years old, middle aged
2103 old aged
210A artist (dance), sword dancer
210G best friend
210L someone you love, the loved one
210U his quarry
210Y news reader, news speaker
211 Single male
2111 boy, little boy
2112 bloke, boy friend, gentleman, he, he (young), her bloke, man, one of them (male), young man
2113 old man, older man
2114 cowboy, gunman (West), lone cowboy, one cowboy, sheriff
2115 cop, deckare, detective
2116 secret agent, special agent, spy
2117 drum major, military man, soldier, soldier boy
2118 goody, goody bandit, hero, lone hero, our hero
2119 baddy, gangster, robber, villain
211A clown
211B king, master of world, mayor, prince, today's speaker
211G best friend (male)
211N all American boy, American (male)
211P my father, paternal person
211R lone rider, rider
211T tough guy
211X 007, Bing Crosby, Brezhnev, Charlie Chaplin, Cisco Kid, Clint Eastwood, Fred Astaire, Gengis Khan, Giuliano Gemma, Hitler, Humphrey Bogart, James Bond, John Wayne, Kaiser Wilhelm, Kurt Wallander, Lee van Cleef, Maigret, Man of the Wilds, McCloud, Moses, Mr Chips, Nils Poppe, The Saint, Sean Connery, John Travolta
211Y dandy, tavern owner
211Z magician
211~ "hero"
212 Single female
2120 her, she
2121 daughter, girl, girl friend, girl main part, Pamela (15 years old)
2122 his beloved, lady, same woman, woman, young woman
2123 middle-aged housewife
2127 drum majorette
212G best friend (female)
212N Chang Kai Shek's daughter, Spanish woman, Gypsy girl
212X Greta Garbo, Julie Andrews, Lisbeth Salander, Mother Theresa, Mrs Thatcher, The Queen, Rosa Luxemburg, Sonja Stjernqvist
212Y street girl, vamp
212Z fairy (female)
22 — Two humans
220 Either gender (two humans)
2200 two people, two persons, both of them, me and you, on their own, someone else (of two)
2203 two old people
221 Two males
2212 two men
2214 two cowboys
2215 two detectives, Starsky & Hutch
221G two buddies (male), two friends (male)
221R two riders (male)
222 One male and one female
2220 he and she, with you (alone), you and me
2221 boy and girl, girl and boy, young couple, young woman and her lover, young woman and man
2222 two lovers, two people in love, couple, lovers, man and woman, newly-weds, the two, their (couple), they (2), woman and man, girl and boy
222L Dido and Aeneas, Porgy and Bess, Romeo and Juliet style, Romeo and Juliet
222N Russian woman and US male, Russian man and US woman
223 Two females
2232 two women
223G two friends (fem.), Thelma & Louise
23. Several humans
230 Either gender (several humans)
2300 company (people), each other (plural), people, persons, several people, some people, they, young and old people
2301 "g�ng", children, generation (youngerg), group (of teenagers), teenagers, young people, youngsters
2302 adults (few)
2303 old people
2309 delinquents, dropouts, junkies, social rejects, teenage gang, terrorists
230A artists (paint), clowns, dancers, jugglers
230B dignitaries, politicians, royal family
230F families, family, parents, parents and children, whole family
230G best friends, friends
230M rock group
230N Americans (US), Gypsies, Hawaiians, Indians (US), Latin Americans, Mexicans, most Americans (US), negroes, Spaniards, whites (US)
230R metal heads, raggare, rockers (both genders)
230S sportsmen/women
230U slaves, victims (of murder)
230Y peasants, pioneers, settlers, students, truck drivers
230Z ghosts, Mumin trolls
231 Several males
2311 his sons, young boys
2312 blokes, chaps, gentlemen, men
2313 elderly men, old men
2314 cowboys, gang of cowboys, group of gunmen, gunmen (West), several cowboys
2315 detectives, police
2317 cavalry, guards, marines, military men, sailors, soldiers, troops
2318 goodies, heroes
2319 gang, gang of bandits, gangs, gangsters, his gang, maffia, maffiosos, villains
231G buddies (male), old buddies (male), some buddies (male)
231R group of riders, riders
231T Hell's Angels, pirates, tough guys
232 several females
2321 college girls, girls, little girls, se�oritas
2322 ladies, women
232A ballerinas, dancers (fem.), hula hula girls
232G friends (fem.)
232N Japanese women
232Y prostitutes, street walkers
24. Many humans
240 Either gender (many people)
2400 all (people), all the people, big crowd, crowd, everyone, lots of people, many, many people, men + women + kids, throngs (people)
2401 many children
2402 many couples
2403 audience, full of people
240A all the artists
241 Many males
242 Many females
242Z fairies

6Props, objects, couture
261 Bodily references
2610 hair
2611 hair (long), moustache, moustaches, short haired
2612 big eyes, eyes, faces
2613 arms (embrace), hands
2619 sweat
262 Clothes
2620 clothes (general), sartorial
2621 clothes (colour), clothes (white), dressed (black), dressed (red)
2622 clothes (elegant), dressed up, smart clothes, smartly dressed, Sunday best
2623 c19 clothes, clothes (old fashioned)
262C eye shadow
262F bikini, crinolines, dress, dress (long), dress (tulle), female clothing, lightly clad (fem.), short skirts, silk (fem.), skirts, veiled (fem.), white skirts
262H hat
262M leather jacket, male clothing, tails, tight trousers, vest
262R frayed at end, ragged clothes
262U boots (milit.), epaulettes, helmets, panaches, plumes (milit.), uniform
263 Furniture
2630 details (furniture)
2631 by window, curtain, window
2632 leather chair
2634 fire (in fireplace), fire (camp)
2635 candelabras, candles, lights (indoor)
2636 bath (furniture), shower (bath)
2639 bench (park)
263M market stalls
264 Comestibles, props
2641 chewing gum (noun), eggs, food, hot dogs, ice cream, many ice creams, roast pork, spaghetti, sugar, wurst
2642 alcohol, beer, carton l�ngfil, champagne, coca cola, martini, red wine, soft drinks
2643 shampoo, soap
2644 cigarettes, cocaine, dope, drugs, hashish, Marlboro, narcotics, pot (smoke)
2645 trendy object
264F balloons, banners, banners/ensigns, flag, flags
264H briefcases, cigarette holder, parasol, swagger stick
264S smoke, smokey
264T doll, toys
264X cobwebs
265 Vehicles
2650 vehicle
2651 boat(s), full-rigger, paddle steamer, ships, steamboat, warships, yacht(s)
2652 car, car (US, large), car, cars, Harley Davidson, hell of a lot of cars, in car, Land Rover, motor bike(s), sports cars
2653 carriage, covered wagons, horse and carriage, horse and cart, stage coach, wagon train
2654 on train, train (rail)
2656 aeroplane, balloons (as vehicles), helicopter, satellites, space ship
266 Appliances
2660 machines
266C tight rope
266D fan
266R lasso
266W bow and arrow, pistols, weapons
267 Stone, metal
2671 dollar (coin), gold, jewels, treasure
2672 chromium, iron, steel
268 Paper
2681 banknotes
2682 papers
269 Mortal remains
2691 carcass, corpse, corpses
2692 bones (of deceased), skull
269~ not many corpses

— Social activity
270 Generic social activity
2700 culture (youth), night life, society
270~ "social"
271 Ritual
2710 ritual
271W wedding
271Z funeral
272 Festive
2720 celebration(s), gatherings
2721 parties, party (celebration indoors), party (celebration outdoors)
2722 meal, picnic
2723 ball (dance), carnaval, festival, festivity
2724 birthday, Christmas eve, festive day, market day, New Year, Saturday, special day, Sunday
2725 First of May, Seventeenth of May, anniversary, centenary, ceremonial, commemoration, commemorative, holiday (national), inaugural, inauguration, openings, public holiday, state visit
272F fete (fair), market, market (fair)
272G gala, gala opening, gala performance, reception
273 Presentational
2730 appearance (performance), live performance, performance
2731 display (performance), show
2732 spectacular (noun)
2733 cabaret, on stage
2734 demonstration
2735 changing guards, march past, pageant, pageantry, parade(s), procession
2736 circus, circus ring, circus-like
273F fashion (sartorial), fashion show
273L light show
273M concert
274 Sporting
2740 sport, sporting, sporting event, sports
2741 race (sport), test (trial/sport)
2742 finals, Olympic Games, world championship
2743 gymnastics
2749 bull fighting
274F football, football match
274R equestrian sports, horse racing, racing (horses), show jumping, Spanish Riding School, trot racing
274U swimming association
275 Military, offensive
2750 regimental
2751 batallions, military service, military, regiment (the), very military
2752 battle, fights, showdowns, war, World War II
275C civilian
275I air force, armed forces, army, home guard, Ministry of Defence, military academy, navy (the)
275~ not military
276 Recreational
2760 leisure time
2761 entertainment
2762 holidays (vacation), on leave
2763 excursion, outing
277 Economic
2771 board room meeting, business, corporate, easy money, stock exchange floor
277I East India Company
278 Educational
278I academy, college
279 Religious
279I Salvation Army
28 — Domestic animals
2800 animal(s), animal-like, animals, with animals
281 Pets
2811 dog, Lassie
2812 pet goat
2813 cat
2814 budgerigar, canary (pet)
2817 goldfish
282 Livestock
2820 cattle, flock, herd, herd of cattle, herds
2821 cow(s)
2822 sheep
283 Horses
2833 clip-clop, his horse, hooves (horses), horse(s), mane (horse's)
284 Birds
2840 birds (domestic), poultry
2841 chickens, cockerel, hens
2847 duck, geese
29 — Other animals
290 Generic other animals
2901 wild animals
291 Predatory animals
291T tiger
292 Flock animals
292E elephants
294 Birds (untamed)
2940 bird
2941 eagle
2942 bluetits, sparrows
2943 doves, pigeons
2947 sea gull, wild geese
2949 vultures
297 Aquatic animals
2979 sharks
299 Insects
2990 insects
2992 butterflies

3 — Location, scene, setting

Section 3 includes all physical, social, and historical scenarios or environments in which VVAs from other one-digit categories are envisaged as present or taking place.

30 — General outdoors/indoors
300 Generic setting
3001 at home (location), local area
3002 abroad, exotic (location), foreign (location)
3008 heaven
3009 hell
301 Generic outdoors
3010 open air, outdoor, outdoors, outside
302 Generic indoors
3020 hang-outs, in (cabin), indoors, locales, place (location)
3021 room
3022 bar(s), cafe, club(s), discoth�que, night club, pub (bar), restaurant, saloon, taverns
3023 ballroom, big room, dance floor, hall, hall/salon, large room
3024 floor
3027 basement
3028 bedroom
302Z funeral parlour
3031 deserted (location), lonely place
3032 far from the madding crowd, no people, quiet spot, secluded spot, solitary
304 Subterranean
3040 underground
3041 cave, tunnel
306 Generic building locations
3061 house(s), houses, wooden house
306M Albert Hall
306P palace, royal palace, White House
306X courtyard, veranda
31 — Rural
310 Generically rural
3100 country, in the country, landscape, lots of country, nature, scenery
3101 countryside, rural
3102 bosom of nature, bucolic, idyll, idyllic, pastoral
311 Campestral
3111 grass, hell of a lot of grass, meadow(s), paddock
3112 field(s), in a field, open fields
3113 cornfield(s), cotton fields
312 Edificial
3121 hut (rural), log cabin
3122 farm, farms, ranch
3123 castles, manor house
3124 village(s)
312X new settlement
313 Undulant
3130 valleys
3131 hills
314 Sylvan
3140 trees
3143 avenue (arborial), spinney
3144 forest(s), in the woods, woods
314T apple trees, birches, oak trees
315 Horticultural
3150 greenery (horticult.)
3151 cherry garden, garden(s)
3152 park(s)
3153 flowering, flowers, in flower
3154 lawn
315S spa
315Z cemetery
316 Fluvial, lacustrine
3160 water (inland)
3161 banks of river, Mississippi, river, small river
3162 beck, stream, streams
3163 by a lake, lake(s), lots of lakes
3164 waterfalls
32 — Panoramic, big outdoors
320 Generically panoramic
3200 big scenarios, broad views, panorama, panoramic views, sweeping view(s), view, view over, views, vista
3201 big country, big spaces, broad expanses, large spaces, open country, open spaces, spaces (open)
3202 horizon, on the horizon
321 Flat land
3210 open plain(s), plain (flat land)
3211 heath, moor(s)
3213 prairie(s), steppe
3214 savanna
322 Mountains
3220 highlands, mountain area, mountain range, mountain top, mountains
322X Alps, Rocky Mountains
323 Barren
3230 wild country
3231 cactus, desert, desert scenery
3238 tundra
3239 polar regions
324 Tropical
3241 jungle
3242 palm trees
33 — Aqueous, aerial
3300 water, water (general)
331 Pelagic
3310 ocean, open sea, sea, water (sea)
332 Littoral
3320 by the coast, by the sea, coast, on the shore, seashore, shore
3321 beach, beaches, on the beach, sand (sea), sandy (sea), sandy beach
3322 archipelago, desert island, islands
332J at jetty
332P port
334 Aerial
3340 air
3342 clouds, sky
335 Cosmic
3350 space (cosmos), universe
3351 Milky Way, planets, stars
34 — Outdoor miscellaneous
341 Natural outdoor miscellaneous
3411 leaf (like a), leaves
3412 cliffs
3414 den (animals)
3415 clouds of dust, clouds of sand, dusty, sand (generic), sandy (land)
342 Artefactual rural outdoor miscellaneous
3421 thoroughfares
3422 paths
3423 on the road, open road, road(s)
3424 highway, motorway
3425 railway(s)
342B bridge(s)

35 — Urban
350 Urban generic
3500 cities, towns
3501 big city, city, city life, concrete jungle, downtown, large town, town (large)
3502 small town, town
351 Thoroughfares, public places
3510 alley
3511 street, streets
3512 market place, public square, square (urban), town square
351X Avenyn (G�teborg), Skeppsbron (Stockholm)
352 Neighbourhoods
3521 chic areas
3522 suburbs
3523 ghetto, bad part(s) of town, red light district, slum(s), suburb (Sweden)
352X the Old City
353 Urban buildings and locations
3531 factories
3532 skyscrapers, tall buildings
3533 supermarket
3534 airport, marshalling yard, station (railway)
3538 Skansen (Stockholm), amusement park, pleasure garden, pleasure park
354 Traffic
3540 general traffic, rush hour, traffic, traffic jam
355 Urban miscellaneous
3551 gas lamps, gas lights, lights (city), neon lights, neon signs, street lights
3552 outside adverts
3556 asphalt, concrete, kerb
355X puddles (town)
36 — Sociocultural location
361 Upper class
3610 upper class
3611 bourgeois, rich (money), rich folks, riches
3612 aristocracy, beautiful (people), snob, well bred
3613 royal, royalty
362 Middle class
3620 the "man in the street", middle class
363 Lower class
3630 disenfranchised, less well bred, uneducated, working class
3631 disadvantaged, poverty
363P popular ("folk")

— Geographical location
370 Geographical/ethnic: generic
3700 ethnic life, ethnic, national
3701 part of the world (bad)
371 Northwestern Europe
3710 European
3711 Austria, Switzerland, Tyrol, Vienna
3712 British, England, English, London
3713 France, French, Paris
3714 Ireland, Scotland, Scottish
3715 Benelux
3716 Bavarian, Germany, Heidelberg
3718 Scandinavia
371K K�benhavn (Copenhagen), Norrbro
371N Oslo
371S Central Sweden, G�teborg, Stockholm, Sweden, Swedish
372 Mediterranean Europe
3720 Mediterranean
3721 Iberia, Portugal, Spain, Spanish
3723 Italian, Italy, Rome
373 Eastern Europe
3731 Baltic, Finland
3732 Moscow, Russia, Siberia, Ukraine
3733 Poland
3734 Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia
3735 Hungary
3736 Yugoslavia (ex.)
3737 Bulgaria
3738 Romania
3739 Greece, Greek
373B Balkan
374 Middle East
3740 Arabic, Islamic
3744 Iran
3745 Central Asia
3746 Turkey
3747 Israel
3748 Pakistan
375 South and East Asia
3750 Asia (South & East), Oriental
3751 Ganges, India, Sri Lanka
3752 Indonesia, Malaysia
3753 Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Asia Southeast, Singapore, Vietnam
3754 China, Hong Kong
3755 Japan, Korea
376 Africa
3760 Africa (general)
3761 North Africa, Casablanca, Marakesh
3762 West Africa, Ghana, Nigeria
3763 Central Africa, Congo
3764 East Africa, Kenya
3765 South Africa
377 North America
3770 "American way of life" (US), America! America! (US), America (USA), North America, American (US), US, US way of life, USA, very American (US), Yankee
3772 Canadian
3773 Chicago, Harlem (NYC), New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, North America (urban), USA urban, Washington
3774 Southern USA, USA rural, USA south
3775 Mid West (USA)
3776 Arizona, cowboy milieu, Dodge City, Far West, Texas, USA southwest, West (USA), Western (USA), Wild West (USA)
3777 California, USA west coast
377X Woodstock (USA)
378 Central and South America
3780 America (Central), America (South), Latin American, South America, Spanish America
3781 Caribbean
3782 Central America, Mexican, Mexican border, Mexican flavour, Mexico
3783 Colombia, Venezuela
3784 Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador
3785 Argentina, Rio de la Plata, Uruguay
3786 Brazil, Copacabana, interior of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
379 Other geographical locations
3790 Amerindian, Eskimo (sic), Indian (American), Indian (USA), Lappland
3791 Hawaii, Pacific
3798 Australasia, Australia, New Zealand
38 — Historical locations
380 Generically historical
380 "old", bygone days, days of yore, historical, history, long time ago, old (time(s)), old days, old fashioned, old style
381 antedeluvian, neolithic, stone age, prehistoric
382 Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, biblical times
383 medieval, baroque, renaissance
384 19th century, Victorian era, turn of the century (1900)
385 1900-1959, early 20th century, mid 20th century, age of the machine
386 1960s, 1970s
387 1980s, 1990s
388 since 2000
3880 "in" (fashion), contemporary, modern, modern life, more modern, new (age), the latest, today, today's, very recent history
389 future time, tomorrow's world, near future, distant future
39 — Weather, season, time of day
391 Weather
3910 fine, fine weather, nice weather
3911 southern climes, sun, sunlight, sunlit, sunny, sunrays, sunshine
3912 sunrise, sunset
3913 moon, moonlight
3915 fog, foggy, hazy, mist, misty
3916 storm, storm (after), stormy
3917 no wind, still (no wind)
3918 blowing (wind), breeze, wind, wind (light), wind (small), winds
3919 in the rain, rain, rainy
391C ice, snow, snowing
391M melting, thaw
392 Season
3921 spring
3922 summer, summertime
3923 autumn, early autumn
3924 winter
393 Time of day
3931 dawn, early in day, early morning, morning
3932 day, daytime
3933 close of day, end of day, evening, evening is nigh, late evening, twilight
3934 at night, by night, midnight, night, nightfall

5. Explicit space-time relations, movements

Section 5 contains all VVAs connected to relative positions of objects or beings, to their type and speed
of movement (if any), and to the type and nature of their acts and interaction.

50 — Generic movement and action
5000 movement, moving (literal)
5001 actions

51 — Essive relations

Section 51 houses VVAs of the STATIC spatial relationship of objects, beings and/or settings.

511 Inessive
5111 among/in, between (loc.), in middle of, in/among
512 Superessive
5121 above (loc.), overhead
5122 on high, on top (of)
513 Subessive
5131 at the bottom of, at the foot of, below (loc.), underneath
514 Retroessive
5141 behind
515 Pre-essive
5151 in front
516 Circumessive
5161 around
52 — Velocity, simultaneity
521 Low speed
5210 going slowly, moving slowly, not fast, slow(ly)
5211 bit by bit, gradually
5212 all the time, cover long time, eternity, for a long time, generations (time), long time, longevity
522 High speed
5220 fast, fast (gallop), fast pace, hasty, high speed, hurry, quick, quick quick quick!, quickly, rushing, speed, speedily, tempo (speed), up-tempo, very fast
5221 suddenly
5222 momentary, short time
523 Simultaneity
5231 at same time, in step with, in time to the music, in time with, synchronised, together
524 Asynchronous
5241 out ofphase, out of step, out of sync, out of time

53 — Nonspecific movement, specific direction

Section 53 houses VVAs specifying the direction of objects or beings in relation to a subjective camera
or microphone (POV = Point Of View) in the imagined narrative, without specifying other aspects of the

531 Adventive
5311 approach, approaches, approaching, arrival, arriving, coming, towards him
5312 arrives/enters, enter, entering, into, reveals itself
5313 from (war), from there
5314 approach one another, meet, meet again, meeting, towards each other
5315 arriving home, comes home, coming home, returning
531X mooring
532 Exitive
5321 en route for, going somewhere, let's go there, maybe there?, now let's go to, on his way to, to, to(wards)
5322 exploration, find, finding, finding the way, off into, out into, searching
5323 away (from POV), away from here!, break free from, departure, escape, exiting, out(wards), setting off
5324 away fr one another, goodbye, part (vb.), parted from, parting (vb.), say goodbye, saying farewell, saying goodbye, separate (vb.), separating, separation
5325 leave, leaving
533 Transitional
5330 passed (by), passing, past (prep.), past (window)
5331 across, crossing, over/across
5332 from a to b, towards (transitive)
5333 along, forwards, making its way, making their way, moving forwards
5334 to and fro
5335 between (transitive), through
534 Ascending
5341 from below, opening up/out, rise, rising, upwards
535 Descending
5350 downwards, fall, falling, from above, sink, sinking
5354 over (seen from above)
536 Circular
5361 circle (vb.), circling
5362 enveloping, gather around
536G around (general)

54 — Oscillatory movement

Section 54 houses VVAs describing relatively constant and/or recurrent movement round and round, to-and-fro, etc., without any specification of the overall bodily direction of the object or being in motion.

541 Curvilinear
5410 rolling, undulating
5411 wafting, waves, waves (light), wavy
5412 billow, billowing, swaying (skirts), waves (small)
5415 around (repeated circular), round and round, spin (dancing), whirling
542 Tremulous
5420 trembling
5421 flickering, glimmering, glittering, quivering light, sparkling, twinkling
5422 babbling
5423 fluttering, trickling
5426 bustle, bustling, busy, hustling, rustling
543 Pulsating
5431 pulse, throbbing
5435 flashing, jerky
5436 again and again
5439 mechanical (literal)

55 — Prolapsual/volitative

Section 55 houses VVAs describing relatively frictionless (legato) unidirectional movement associated with slipping, sliding, gliding, flowing, etc.

551 flowing, flowing (alcohol), flowing (water), running (tears), pouring, fluid, fluidity
552 floating (by), gliding, slipping (past), sliding (along/through/over)
553 above (transitional), flying, flying (through/past), flying (plane), soaring, streaming (air), wafting (by/past)
555 sail, sailing

56 — Other specific movement, unspecified direction

Section 56 houses VVAs specifying type or mode of movement without specifying direction in relation
to the subjective camera or microphone of the imagined narration (no POV).

561 Constant, ongoing
5611 glazing, gleaming, shining, streaming (light)
562 Eruptive, timescent, torrential
5621 brimming over, bursting forth
5622 gushing, streaming water, surging (herd), surging up, swell (water)
5623 breaking (sunlight), breaking out, rearing (mvt.)
5624 revolt
563 Pedestrian
5630 on foot (mvt.)
5631 footsteps, promenade, strolling, walking, wandering
5632 running, running (horses)
5634 march, marching, marching in, marching out, on the march, parading
563X trotting
564 Vehicular
5640 going (travel), journey, riding (vehicle), transport, travelling
5642 cruising, cycling, driving (vehicle)
5644 galloping, horse riding, horseback, in the saddle, riding (horse)
5645 canoeing, rowing
565 Ludic
5650 performing
5651 playing (music)
5652 break dance, dance number, dancing
5654 hopping, jumping, skipping
5655 hide and seek, playing games
5656 playing sports
5657 bathing, swimming, water skiing
5658 skating, skiing, slalom
57 — Stationary acts
570 Motionless
5701 waiting
571 Quiescent
5711 resting, sleeping
573 Sedentary
5731 sitting
574 Upright
5741 at attention, standing
58 — Suspension and inactivity
5800 motionless, still (inaction)
581 Aquatic suspension (no locomotion)
5810 floating (aqueous)
582 Aerial suspension (no locomotion)
5820 hovering
583 Other suspension
5830 hanging (general)
5839 dangling

59 — Interaction

Section 59 houses VVAs denoting acts and/or movements involving two or more beings or objects, or involving the reflexive activity of one being.

591 Appreciative, affectionate, celebratory
5911 "I love you so", "I love you", "my beloved!", "Oh Juliet!", "Oh Romeo!", marry
5912 caressing, embrace, enveloped (embrace), hand in hand, patting (endearment), stroking
5913 flirting, kissing, making love
5915 smiling
5916 guffawing, laughing, making jokes
5917 celebrating, doing the town, living it up
5919 homage/ovation, saluting
592 Conflictive, coercive, contusive
5920 conflict with
5921 against (impact), beating (drum), hitting
5922 break (ice/nature), broke, crash, pierced, shatter, smash
5923 attack, fighting, struggle, struggling, sword fight
5924 hassling, provocation, terrorising
5925 bullying, coercing, force feed, forcing
5926 hurt (physical), wounded
5927 bang-bang, duel, shooting, shot fired
5928 kill, killed, killing, murder, murdered, shot down
5929 conquering
592~ fighting (small)
593 Cognitive, intentional
5930 thinking
5931 head filled, pondering, wondering
5932 dreaming, marvelling
5933 "curtir", experiencing, feeling as if
5934 longing, wanting (to)
5935 decided, how to (planning), planning, plotting, solving
5936 looking back, recognising, remembering, reminiscing, thinking back
5937 tries to, trying
5938 consolation, reconciliation
5939 misunderstanding
594 Transferential
5940 transpositional
5941 dragging, driving (cattle), pulling, pushing
5942 bring, fetch, take
5943 lifting
5944 being chased, chased, chasing, has been chased, on the run, pursue
5945 following
5946 fill
594~ chase (small)
596 Symbolic communication
5960 show themselves, showing off
5961 gesticulate, swings (stick), waving (hand/arm)
5962 glances, look, looking on, looking out, looking round, seeing, turn (of faces), watching
5963 asking, discussed, hold a speech, listening, listening (mus), talking
5964 whispering
5965 groaning, moaning
5966 crying, mourning, sighing, tears, weeping
5967 growling, shouting
5968 singing
5969 screaming
596P "may we?", "should we?", pleading
596T touching (tactile)
596V "got a light?", "swing it!"
596X reading
597 Culinary
5970 chewing gum (vb.), drinking, eating, feeding, on the booze
5976 frying

8. Media immanence

Section 8 houses VVAs referring directly to qualities of the music heard, or to other musical practices
resembling those of the test piece heard, or to visual and/or verbal or other media phenomena connoted by
the music, or to the envisaged audience of the music and/or of its imagined audiovisual accompaniment, or to the production origins of the music or of the media phenomenon of which it is imagined part.

81 — Musical media immanence
810 Generically musical
8100 music, musical
811 Genres and styles
8110 not film music
8111 classical, classical music, concerto
8112 musical (genre), opera, operetta
811F C&W
811J jazz, jazz effect
811N flamenco
811R heavy metal, rock, rock concert, rock music
811Y skating music
811Z background music
812 Instruments (musical)
8120 band (unspecified), big instruments, instruments, modern orchestra, orchestra
8121 piano, piano practice
8122 mandolin, strings
8123 band (marching), band (music), bands (musical), bandstand, brass band, trumpet
8128 electro-acoustic instrument(s), electronic instrument(s), Fender guitar, guitars, rock band, synthesiser
812B bass
812D bass drum, big drum, drum(s)
813 Musicians, composers, etc.
813B bass player
813D drummer
813P pianist
813X Beethoven, Bj�rn J:son Lindh, Chopin, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Liberace, Nationalteatern, Nynningen, Peter Green, R. Clayderman, Rachmaninov, rock stars, Shostakovich, Sousa
814 Music theory
8140 anti music laws
8141 singable, tuneful
8142 definite beats, nice rhythm, no syncopations, rhythm, rhythmical, tempo, very rhythmical
8143 dissonance (sensual), dissonance, minor thirds, minor key, mix of major and minor thirds, no dissonances, unresolved dissonance
8144 B section not typical, form (musical), intro (musical)
8145 good instrmentation
814X 400 db
815 Musical works
815X Apache (Shadows), Bolero (Ravel), Liberty Bell (Sousa), Moonlight Sonata
82 — Non-musical references
8200 attention drawn, preparing (mood)
821 Cinema
8210 cinema, feature film, film, film music, film series, film version, movies
8211 black and white film, cinemascope, Hollywood (style), MGM, silent film, silent movie
821P Cecil B DeMille, Hitchcock, Hitchcock style, Walt Disney
821X The Bible (film), Dr Zhivago (film), Easy Rider (film), Elvira Madigan (film), Flashdance (film), From Russia with Love (film), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (film), The Godfather (film), The Good the Bad and the Ugly (film), Kelly's Heroes (film), Kramer v. Kramer (film), Love Story (film), The Man on the Roof (film), Monte Cristo (film), Orient Express (film), Out of Africa (film), Quadrophenia (film), Taxi Driver (film), Warrriors (film), The White Stone (film)
822 Television
8220 TV, TV programme
8221 colour TV
8222 TV drama, TV play
8223 series (TV), TV series
8224 TV show
822X All Creatures Great and Small (TV), The Aphrodite Inheritance (TV), Bonanza (TV), The Brothers (TV), Cimarron Strip (TV), The Czar's Messinger (Polish TV), Dad's Army (BBC TV), Ellery Queen (TV), Emmerdale Farm (TV), Fame (TV), The Forsythe Saga (TV), The Good Old Days (TV), High Chaparral (TV), Hogan's Heroes (TV), L�ra f�r livet (TV), The Onedin Line (TV), The Persuaders (TV), Richie Brockelman (TV), The Saint (TV), Sveriges magasin (TV), Wallander (TV)
823 Adverts, video and games
8231 advert
8232 video, video effects, video games, videos
824 Radio
8240 radio
824X BBC Light Programme, Melodiradion
825 Verbal media
8251 book, journalism, novel
8252 poetry
8253 theatre
826 Other media
826C ballet, choreography, hula hula
826P Breughel's Slaughter of the Innocents, Kandinsky's Composition X (1939), painting (art)
826S sculpture, statue
83 — Target groups
831C children's entertainment, for children, good for kids
831D for young people, youth (target)
831F family entertainment, for the family
831L for lovers
84 — Non-music genres
841C buskis (=burlesque), cartoon, comedy, farce, parodi, pastiche
841D deckare (genre)
841E educational programme, language progranne
841F family saga, melodrama, soap opera
841L love story, triangle drama
841M music movie, musical film
841N documentary, news, newsreel, propaganda, report (news)
841P nature program
841T thriller
841U tragedy (genre)
841V tragi-comic
841W dollar film, spaghetti western, western, western style
85 — Production techniques
850 Generic techniques (any medium)
8500 effects, studio effort
8501 dubs, retakes
855 Visual techniques
8550 visual techniques
8551 close-up, many close-ups, zoom in
8552 aerial photo, big pan shots, bird's eye view, panning shot, panning shots, zoom out
8553 studio shot
8558 cut-ins, cuts, fast cuts
855A slow motion
855B film backwards
Top 87 — Origin of production
870 Generic origin of production
871 Northwestern European production
8711 British (prod.), BBC (series)
8712 French (prod.)
8713 German (prod.), Swedish (prod.)
872 Mediterranean European production
872- Italian (prod.), Italian version, spaghetti (Western), Spanish (soap opera)
873 Eastern European production
873- Czech (prod.), Polish (TV series), Russian (prod.)
874 Produced in Middle East
874- Al Jazeera (Qatar) (documentary), Israeli (propaganda film)
875 South or East Asian production
875- Bollywood (prod.), Hong Kong (prod.), Japanimation, Manga
876 African production
877 North American production
877C Canadian Film Board (production)
877U American (US) (prod.), Hollywood (blockbuster)
878 Central or South American production
878C Mexican (drama), Cuban (documentary)
878S Brazilian (soap opera), Chilean (news programme)
879 Produced elsewhere
8890 Australian (art film)
88 — Production vintage
8800 not a modern production, old (prod.), out (old fashioned) (prod.)
8806 early 20th century (prod.)
8807 1940s (prod.)
8808 1950s (prod.), 1960s (prod.), 1960s film
8809 modern (prod.)
8800 not a modern production, old (prod.), out (old fashioned) (prod.)
8806 early 20th century (prod.)
8807 1940s (prod.)
8808 1950s (prod.), 1960s (prod.), 1960s film
8809 modern (prod.)

9. Evaluative, judgemental

Section 9 houses unsolicited respondent opinions of the music played and of its possible functions.

90 — Generic judgement
9000 of usual type (eval.), typical (eval.)
900M music too noticeable, to be listened to, typical (music; eval)
900~ half romantic, not quite Bond, semi-tragic
91 — Positive evaluation
9110 enjoyable, good tune, good (well made), marvelous (eval.), well made
9114 lots of atmosphere
911X fantasy whetted
92 — Negative evaluation
9210 bad (eval.), bloody awful, not convincing, pretty awful, typically bad
9211 cheap, concoction, drivel, shoddy product, third grade, trash (eval.), trite
9212 bolo de mel (=sickly sweet), cloying, fotonovelas, goo, novela rosa, penny novel, rather syrupy, romanticised, romanticism, sugary sweet, syrupy, tear-jerker
9213 ludicrous, no content, nonsense, silly (eval.)
9214 58 episodes, 74 episodes, going on rather, multi-episode, tiring
9215 contrived happy, feigned, overambitious, rigged
9216 sensation(al), speculative
9217 impersonal, innocuous, unquestioning
921M boring music, has to play sg., noise
921X hero worship, record number of bangs, virtuosity (romantic; eval.)