A few lines about the Roger behind Roger's Re-think.
I'm the elder brother of Philip Tagg, prime mover of the tagg.org website.
I'm a retired IT consultant and lecturer, now living in Australia.
I share many interests with Phil, including maps, railways and - to a much lesser extent - music.
I've had a varied life, working in many different organisations, and meeting many different people. I have spent time in many countries, and have lived in UK, Australia, New Zealand and Iran.
From early involvement in religious discussion groups, I've been reading and discussing widely on how the world's religions can progress to a model more in tune with the global, technical and environmentally threatened world we now inhabit.
I've been concerned about bullshit for many years, and even had a book drafted many years ago, but didn't manage to find a publisher!
In my later years as an academic, I was involved in projects to support people suffering information overload by introducing intelligent software that could help by detecting meaning in incoming data and messages, and suggesting priorities for action.
Now, before I get too senile, I feel it's time that I offer some of the ideas I have found useful myself to a wider readership. I don't want to appear as an 'influencer' or 'sermoniser'. It's just my personal take on life.
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