These pages are devoted to Roger's Re-think.
What am I re-thinking about? Why should anyone else be interested?
Just as the human race is soiling its own planet with waste materials, dangerous emissions and impurities, it is soiling the world of thought and discourse with glib slogans, deceptive twaddle, seductive stories, emotionally charged rhetoric, conspiracy theories, wishful thinking and many other cancerous memes.
In parallel with rising sea levels, we are all at risk of drowning in an ocean of bullshit. It's a replay of Noah's flood - in mental and communication terms.
Bullshit is nothing new, but it seems that we humans don't on the whole realize how bad the mess we are in is, and that we need to keep up with the purveyors of bullshit who are ever sharpening up their game. We don't have a clear toolkit for countering bullshit. Perhaps we need a 'rescue mission'.
So Roger's Re-think is about a number of angles from which I reckon we can better oppose bullshit, in order to save ourselves, those around us and humanity as a whole. This has been a goal for me for several years, but as I'm now on my 'last lap' I am trying to put several different ideas together and offer them to anyone who cares to read about them.
In the menu below, PLOVER is an acronym for my suggested multi-pronged fight-back system.
FROLIO is an old research project which I worked on in my days as an IT lecturer, and which led me to this re-think. "Do I need all this?" asks whether you the reader would rather stick to a simpler "lilies of the field" attitude to life. The book highlights are of just a few of the books I've read related to this re-think. "Miscellaneous" offers a few personal topics which readers of this website might find interesting or amusing.
If you are interested in reading on, I suggest you start with the Bullshit Slide Show (in PowerPoint) and then move on to the Bullshit text page and the PLOVER slide show and introduction page.
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