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• Marquee texts from this site’s homepage and other short anti-disinformation texts
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• Adbusters and the Culture Jammers Network " — a global network of artists, activists, writers, educators and entrepreneurs" who believe that "culture jamming will become to our era what civil rights was to the '60s, what feminism was to the '70s and what environmental activism was to the eighties". Includes anti-adverts, anti-corporate campaign information, etc

The algebra of infinite justice by Arundhati Roy (Guardian, 29 Sept 2001). The real background to 11 September 2001 and to Western, especially US, involvement in Afghanistan.

Les alternatifs. ‘Chômage, précarité, exclusion et pauvret, ingalités homme/femmes, guerres... Le monde reste transformer. La mondialisation capitaliste marginalise des millions de personnes et met en péril l'équilibre écologique de la plante. Nous voulons un autre monde!’ You have to be mad not to agree with that...

American Indian Cultural Support 'dedicated to preserving our various Nations'sovereignty, legal rights, lands, and cultures', including the 'Camp Justice' campaign.

Amnesty International

• Arts degree? Then earn less!... (BBC report)

ASSANGEclick here.

L’Association canadienne des professeures et professeurs d’université

Audititis  (Kafkaesque contagion, managerialist mayhem, cowardly quantification-mania, etc.)
   see also Grim Threats.

• Anti-communist propaganda - hilariously pics incl. ‘I Married a Communist’, Senator McCarthy, and ‘Red Rape’,

Anti-Disinformation marquees from this site.

▪ The Atheist Apocalypse from VirusComix. YE-E-SS! May the day of judgement of the four horsemen be soon upon us!

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Baby Milk Action "is a non-profit organisation which aims to save lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate infant feeding."

The Bilderberg conspiracy — world domination by a greedy and cynical lite (‘The High Priests of Globalization’ [Will Hutton]) ESSENTIAL READING

Blair fabricates Iraq threat. UK government plagiarises out-of-date and questionable academic articles to whip up Bush’s case for war against Iraq (Guardian, 7 Feb. 2003).

Blair's promises to big business (Forbes magazine, Feb. 2001) and Blair's ideology (yuck!)

Bookmarks - socialist bookshop in London (UK).

Brad and Joe: The system sucks (why running away from the problem solves nothing)

Brick-a-Brand - online game: you slam corporate logos with well-deserved bricks. Very therapeutic.

• Bush & Blair have long, long noses (See what they chase after!)

Bush in 30 Seconds anti-disinformation competition: fantastic audiovisual statements from young people in the USA.

Bush's re-election, Daily Mirror front page, 2004-11-04: "How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?"

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Canada-Palestine Solidarity

The Century of the Self. The outstanding TV Series about capitalism’s abuse of psychology...

Children of Iraq — Photos from the war in 2004. Let no-one say ‘I didn’t know’.

Cindy Sheehan’s letter, 2005-09-07.

Climate Action Network "is a global network of over 287 NGOs working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels."

Consumption and Consumerism What are they? How do they work? Who controls who? Perverted individualism. Essential reading for anyone hoping to survive in the modern West.

Corporate Accountability. Includes Corporate Dirt Archives / Researching Corporations Corporate Power Information / Anti-Corporate Email lists / Corporate Welfare Information Center 180: The Movement for Democracy and Education.

Corporate Robot In Pursuit of Excellence (Snog album picture by Chris Woods).

Corporate Watch. Keeps track of obscenities committed by international capitalism

Corruption in Montréal — a personal view 

Counterpunch. US west-coast alternative political newsletter.

’Delivery services’: what a misnomer! Why bother?

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The Ecologist – Founded in 1970, the world's longest running environmental magazine.

Explorations in Social Inequality.

Esso (Exxon) deny global warming: lies and consequences

Facebook — the CIA’s top intelligence gathering operation | Video 1 | Video 2 |

La facture chez nous (magouilles and the city).

Fast food production mayhem (Guardian, 16 May 2001).

Fred Frith, freedom of   movement and the  “Land of the Free" (April 2005)

Free Culture — ‘How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity’ . Experience Lessig’s own PowerPoint presentation online

Freedom to Care – promotes social conscience in the workplace, public accountability, ethics at work, support for whistleblowers; provides "free information on professional ethics, bullying at work, corporate responsibility, social and ethical accounting and auditing - especially in health care, nursing, social work, police, financial services, education, science and environment."

Friends of the Earth.

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Gap=crap Nike=shite

Gaza. [1] Stop the Blockade; The Gaza Ark (Freedom Flotilla); Ship to Gaza/Upprop Ship to Gaza.
   [2] Israeli bombing and devastation 2009 and 2012.

Goebbels, Joseph: Knowledge and Propaganda (1928: you don't have to be niceto be clever)

Global Action ("may our resistance be as international as capital!")

Global Arcade Information and excellent anti-corporate games!

Globalisation is not delivering for the poor. Our leaders are wrong. ‘The real anarachists are inside the cordon sanitaire... Blair and Brown's infatuation with globalisation is neither sensible nor sustainable.’ Letter to Guardian, 16 Aug 2001, from Alan Simpson, Labour MP for Nottingham South.

Goldman Sachs, pay your tax!

Google — big brother

GreenNet, "unlike many other Internet Service Providers, is geared to the needs of non profit organisations, activists and people working for social change."


Greenpeace: Free the Arctic 30

The Grim Threat to British Universities
  (review in New York Book Review, 2011-01-10, by Simon Head — gritty facts and excellent analysis of audititis).

The Hacktivist - Electronic Civil Disobedience

Human Rights Watch AMNESTY-style info about capitalism's abuse of human beings worldwide

Hummers are bummers.

IMF and Structural Adjustment. The real International Monetary Fund

Income differences in the UK (2001) Equality? Forget it!....

inequality.org — there‘s plenty of resistance to it, even in the USA!

• Iran’s nuclear programme: Cheney, Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz backed it!

Iraq Body Count — Adding indifference to injury

Iraq collateral murder

Iraq war could cost $2 trillion.

Iraqi Children — Photos from the war in 2004. Please view these before saying ‘I didn’t know’.

Jesus goods on E-bay (for real!)

Joe Jackson: Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State — from tobacco corporation propaganda to pharma lobbying.
"'All the experts’ once agreed that masturbation caused blindness, that homosexuality was a disease, and that marijuana turned people into homicidal maniacs. In the 1970s and 80s British doctors told mothers to put their babies to sleep face-down. Cot deaths soared, until a campaign by one nurse succeeded in changing this policy, which we now know to have claimed something like 15,000 lives"… That's the kind of 'science' Joe Jackson examines in this essay. Anyone whose brain is not completely rusted up should read Joe's essay. Did you know, for example, that through levies and taxes, UK smokers contribute around 10 billion to the public purse each year? Smoking ain’t good for ya and I’ve quit but is it really more of a danger for humanity than obesity, stress, exhaust fumes, land fills, nuclear waste, climate chage or war?

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KMFMS - Kein Mitglied für MicroSoft.

The Koch Brothers, emperors of evil, doyens of destruction, societal robbers and parasites, enemies of empathy, of altruism and the environment, destroyers of democracy, traitors of truth, perverters of political justice, etc. Check out these diabolic entities by viewing

The Koch Brothers: Godfathers of Greed  
Robert Greenwald’s documentary The Koch Brothers Exposed  

Labor cartoons amusing and apt US political caricatures.

Lakoff on the hegemonic hijacking of language by the political right (=wrong).

Jaron Lanier: Sell your data to save the economy and your future (BBC, 2013-05-27).

Lebanon war. The real reasons (Christian Science Monitor) | Electronic Lebanon.

Lendovsky, Charles: ‘US sacrifices liberty for security’. Leader from local US newspaper, very critical of the negative effects of ‘the war on terrorism’ on basic liberties (May 2002).

• Letters to the New York Times and to President G W Bush  from parents of Greg, killed in the World Trade Centre, 11 September 2001.

Leviticus: an open letter asking for advice. Why can’t I own a Canadian?  

Lockerbie bombing. Evidence about the Lockerbie (PanAm) disaster was faked so that Libya could be framed as a ‘rogue’ nation. In the process, falsely incriminated policewoman Shirley McKie’s life and career were ruined. A complex web of cynical deceit, it seems, involving the FBI, the CIA, heroin smuggling and improper pressure on Scottish authorities to fall in line with US foreign policy agendas. For more complete picture, follow all links, e.g. those given by The Scotsman and the BBC. See also this site.

The Low-Level Radiation Campaign just in case anyone still thinks humans aren't at risk from low level ionising radiation or from man-made fission products...

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Matsu slates the money paradigm — economic 'success' = ecological catastrophe!

The Media Channel keeps an eagle eye on US media reporting and has links to many good alternative sites

“Marry an American!” (philanthropic Canadian website for non-Bush voters)

Martin Luther King: Beyond Vietnam

McSpotlight — "McDonald's spends over $2 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. This is a small space for alternatives to be heard." This site is an absolute MUST: well researched, well written, well designed, very disturbing and very entertaining. Includes excellent leaflets like What's Wrong With McDonalds, What's Wrong With Ronald McDonald, etc. that you can distribute at your local McDonald's.

Michael Moore's homepage

•  Mother Jones

Move On — Democrary in action

New inequality "Before the French Revolution, 1 in 20 of the French labour force worked for the Court - making  wigs, building palaces, gilding statues, or as servants. Is the post-industrial economy a court economy,  in which the work of many, exists for the status of a privileged few?"

New Internationalist Magazine

Marin Niemöller's poem When the Nazis came...

Nike's email correspondence with Jonah Peretti. Nike lets you personalize your shoes by submitting a word or phrase which they will stitch onto your shoes, under the swoosh. So Jonah Peretti filled out the form and sent them $50 to stitch "sweatshop" onto his shoes. Here are the responses he got. Hilarious reading!

NoLogo — ‘The Book that became part of a movement’. An excellent site for Global Resistance to the kack of capitalism.

Non-Delivery services: what stupidity! Why bother?


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Palestine page .

Pilger’s writings and films

Pilger on 'sanctions' in Iraq and other terror.

The Postmodernism Generator This machine churns out more readable 'postmodernist' claptrap than most academics can.

The Power of Nightmares — see it! Adam Curtis's BBC2 documentary about the exploitation of fear in the "war on terrorism". Must be seen! Another page. ||The politics of fear in the USA (détente could have been a reality but the neocons didn't want it!). What The Guardian says about the documentary. View one episode.

PR Watch — Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry, incl. ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’.


Protect yourself from mass marketing

UK: To get rid of telemarketing in the UK, contact the Telephone Preference Service at www.tpsonline.org.uk.
To get rid of hard-copy junk mail, write to Mailing Preference Service, Freepost 22, London W1E 7EZ. For more information check out "Preference Service" under "Information" at the Direct Marketing Association website. All of these services take time to gain full effect and the e-mail opt-out only lasts for one year, but you are reminded automatically in time for renewal.

Private (Non-) Delivery services: what stupidity! Why bother?

• Québec as a police state? Very serious events in Montréal (spring 2012). Amnesty International is monitoring the situation critically. Almost all lawyers agree that the Draconian measures put into place by the Québec government against demonstrating students are in breach of the Canadian constitution.

Realty-based or fantasy-based community?

Résistance à l'aggression publicitaires + Les casseurs de pub (oui!).

Reclaim Democracy! Why do (US) corporations have more rights than you? Includes a great Thomas Jefferson quote.

Resentment among Roma Musicians. Goran Bregović’s use of work by Šaban Bajramović and other Roma musicians

Revoke Plutocracy! Corporate America versus standard humanist bourgeois democracy

Rip! Remix Manifesto.

TMark. Hilarious: pick any topic from the menu - Try "BMPB - Buy education", for example.

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Sandra Bennett in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about those gay pinko pot-heads north of the border (Canadians). Excellent, well-written little article

Snog: CD cover picture by Chris Woods.

Socialist Party (UK website, incl. articles from The Socialist).

Socialist Unity Network (England & Wales)

Socialist Workers Party (UK website, excellent online newspaper, etc.)

Studs Terkel interviewed on the Friday after Tuesday 11 Sept 2001.

SUVs Seriously Suck.

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UNICEF: Rich countries (OECD), where 47 million children are poor — Worst in Mexico, USA, Italy, UK and Turkey - who also give least in foreign aid. Best in Nordic countries - who give most in foreign aid.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights–- Governments and corporations should not contravene it!

United Nations League Table of Child Poverty in 0ECD Nations

United States - Punishment and Prejudice. Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs

United States – ordinary people lose their basic human rights under Bush regime’s “war on terrorism”

United States prisons. Free-enterprise slave labour, racial discrimination and human rights violation in the Gulags and concentration camps of the Land of the Free.

One US view of Canada, the ‘curious” neighbour...

Votergate, etc., USA, 2004.

• WalMart and the Walocaust site: ‘The world is our labour camp’ . Start with this report in The Guardian.

• Zionism is not Judaism + 10 simple ways of distinguishing between Judaism and Zionism.

Znet magazine: well-constructed, exhaustive and invaluable resource for what is really going on in the world

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