Some Anti-Communist Propaganda
to appease those who still want to believe in capitalism
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Most pictures and information taken from
Red Scared: The Commie Menace in Propaganda and Popular Culture

by Micahel Barson and Steven Heller (cover)

San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2001. ISBN 0-8118-2887-5

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America Under Kaahmunism!
America Betrayed!
Heroic Stalingrad - too pro-Soviet!
A Program for Community Anti-Communist Action
The Communist Conspiracy versus our Democratic Heritage
Victory Over Communism - The Game  All-American Families are Playing...
McCarthyism: the fight for America
Communiusm: America's Mortal Enemy!
The Red Menace: so shocking it was filmed behind closed studio doors...
The Saint smashes the communist menace!...
The Roosevelt Red Record Background
3 Russian Girls - Un-American!
Comrade X - Clark Gable  and Hedy Lamarr (too pro-Soviet!)
Mission to Moscow (too pro-Soviet!)
The Boy from Stalingrad — too pro-Soviet!
The Russian Devil: from Mystic magazine -- "the most eerie stories ever told'...
I Married a Communist (poster 2)
Red Rape! It could happen here!... Blood Harvest
Communist Propaganda in American Schools
I Married a Communist (poster 3)
Escape from East Berlin --  "torn from today.'s headlines"...  
The Yellow Ticket: hopeless, hopeless in  heartless Russia...
Runaway Daughter - Barbara Stanwyck
Miss V from Moscow - too pro-Soviet!