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Short personal statement

This is not an advert. No-one has paid me to write or publish this on line. It is a personal statement.
By "the bank" I mean in what follows The Co-operative Bank p.l.c. (UK).

I switched from Barclays Bank to the Co-operative since 1992.
I see the Co-op Bank's main advantages as follows.

Top Boycott bonus-bonkers bankers! Go co-operative!

In 2007 , thousands of bank customers in the Netherlands threatened to withdraw their funds if bonuses were paid to
the top executives of banks bailed out by the taxpayer. That helped stop several ludicrous and immoral pay-outs
(The Guardian, 2007-03-07). In the UK no such action has taken place and top bankers are expected to pocket much
larger amounts than the Dutch fat cats (e.g. Hester of RBS: £7.7m; Diamond of Barclays: £6.5m). '[S]ome senior bankers
at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan', adds The Guardian, 'are looking at windfalls of about £40m each.'

When the financing of health, education, police and other essential public services is being visciously cut thanks
to reckless gambling bouts with our billions, the last people to be rewarded should be those who carried out
the gambling that caused the mess in the first place. But no, it's those with moderate or low income who have to pay
for the gambling debts run up by the super-rich. If you think that's wrong (I do!) then you should, if you're with
Barclays, NatWest, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, etc., switch to The Co-operative Bank so that your (and all of
our) finances get treated ethically and responsibly. Private corporation bankers obviously live on another planet to the
rest of us: they believe in the the hocus-pocus of derivatives, hedge funds and other magical mysteries of money
markets (see liberal economist Galbraith about the stupidity of it all). The only thing they'll understand is if they
lose money. So, if you have any, take yours away from them and put it somewhere sensible like the Co-op bank!

Thousands have already done so.