Free the Greenpeace Arctic 30

Message of solidarity sent 2013-11-07

Greeenpeace site

The Oxford Concise English Dictionary defines piracy as "the practice or an act of robbing a ship".

Did the Greenpeace Arctic 30 commit piracy?
No. Even the Russian judiciary has dropped that charge.

Now it's hooliganism. What's a hooligan?

"[A] young ruffian, esp. a member of a gang" (same dictionary).

And a ruffian? "Violent, lawless person".

Are the Arctic 30 violent? No. All Greenpeace actions are consistently non-violent.

Are they lawless?
No. They follow internationally established principles about environmental protection.

Are they members of a gang?
No. They're members of a respected and well-established, international, NGO (non-governmental organisation).

Charging them with hooliganism is just as nonsensical as charging them with piracy.

The only sense it makes is that of oil company bosses, their short-term profits, their cavalier attitude to democracy and to the future of this planet, and of the power they wield over governments who do their bidding instead of standing up for the people they're supposed to represent.
Mt. Everest


Sincere thanks, all honour and respect to all of you in Murmansk for standing up to and for speaking out against the big ignorant bullies. 

Philip Tagg (Huddersfield, UK)