Ian Darrington: Trumpet Mouthpieces - An In-depth Study

An Investigation Into Trumpet Mouthpiece Design of the Twentieth Century and the Relationship that has Developed between Design, the Players and the Music with Special Reference to Jazz and Big Band Music

PhD thesis, Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool, October 2004

Contents (in separate Word files [*.doc])

A Front cover W Bibliography
B Dedication X Glossary
C. Contents Y Who's Who
D List of Musical Examples Z Table of Trumpet Range
E List of Figures Z1 Interviews Appendix
F Acknowledgements Z2 Photocredits
G Abstract Z3 List of Musical References A7
H Preface - Holy mouthpiece Z4 Drill Sizes A8
I INTRODUCTION viii F Z6 Data for Survey Percentaged... A9
J Literature Review Z7 Title & Arranger for appendix A10
K The Anatomy of a Mouthpiece Z9 Discography A12
L Ch 2: New Industry ZZ2 Scores: each Group/each excerpt A13
M Ch 3: Players Who Have Influenced... ZZ3 Index A17
N Ch 4: Survey of Lead Trumpet Parts ZZ4 List of trumpeters interviewed A14
O Ch 5: Physicality of trumpet playing ZZ5 List of Mouthpiece Companies A15
T Ch 6: Audience Perception of the Trumpet ZZZ WORD COUNT
V Ch 7: Conclusion ZZZZ Word count 2
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