Shipping costs for hard-copy books

MMMSP hard-copy books ordered, currently printed and distributed through are in A5 format (148 × 210 mm = 5.83 × 8.26 in.). Shipping costs vary considerably according to number of pages, weight and destination . They also vary according to which national Lulu store you register with (see next).

Select ‘preferred store’

To save on shipping costs and to avoid currency conversion fees it’s worth signing up (free) with for a ‘MyLulu’ account and to select your ‘preferred store’. In March 2013 there were outlets in the UK (£), the USA (US$), Canada (CA$), Australia (AU$), Switzerland (CHF), as well as in the euro zone ― France (faire mes achats dans cette boutique), Germany (In diesem Store einkaufen), Ireland (Shop in this store), Italy (Acquisto in questo negozio), The Netherlands (Winkelen in deze winkel) and Spain (comprar in esta tienda). If you’re in Latin America it’s probably best to use the US store and to comprar en español.

Example of shipping costs from Lulu’s UK store

Using Lulu’s UK shop in March 2013, the least expensive shipping rates for Music’s Meanings (710 pages, 36 mm (1.4 in.) thick, 1143 grams (2.52 lb)) ranged from a minimum of £2.99/€3.44 (UK destinations), through £5.80/€6.66 (Australia) to £7.87/€9.04 (South America). I apologise for these geopolitically inequitable rates. I simply have no way of influencing them. In fact, all prices are liable to fluctuate because I obviously can’t control the anarchy of international capitalism’s currency speculators.

Please avoid Amazon UK

Amazon UK treat their workers very badly. Please do not use Amazon.