Download/delivery of MMMSP e-books
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Download instructions (individual acquisition)

[1] Decide how much you want to donate (see minimum and
      recommended amounts for each book).
[2] Click the requisite ‘Add to cart’ button.
[3] In the shopping cart screen, enter the amount you want or are able to donate.
[4] Enter your PayPal account or your credit card details and ‘Send’ your donation.
[5] In the email you receive from, click the relevant download link.
[6] Save the file to disk. If the file is zipped (.ZIP), and if your operating system
      so demands, extract its constituent files.
(Some book files have been zipped
to save disk space and download times.)

Donations are processed through two secure online payment systems:
      [1] e-junkie, an efficient and reliable shopping-cart operation (recommended);
      [2] PayPal (no introduction needed).

Please do not re-post or distribute digital copies of the e-book. Such misappropriation is illegal and jeopardises the existence of this website