tagg.org — searches

Basic searches

To search this website (www.tagg.org) in particular rather than the internet in general, you can use a standard search engine (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) and precede your search word[s] with the string site:tagg.org (no spaces) + a space.

For example, entering the search string site:tagg.org mixolydian loop will show links to a dozen or so relevant documents on this site (useful).

Entering just mixolydian loop generates thousands of links, many of probably questionable relevance (potentially useful but very time-consuming).

Internal search system (recommended)

Unitl c 2012 I uset to pay Atomz.com/Omniture (USA) real money to run a search facility that kept the blight of advertising away from this site.
They were taken over by digital dinosaur Adobe and no longer exist. The internal site index shouldn’t have been updated
since c 2011 but it has and is still useful.
↓↓ Try it out ↓↓