Dr E. Donovan Tagg

Obituary, written by Bob Lewis and Frank Lovis in the journal of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) in 1988.


Dr. E. Donovan TAGG (1914 - 1988) (I'm pleased to say this guy was my Dad!)
Please read my illustrated and much more detailed centenary celebration of this man.

(Philip Tagg)

It is with a feeling of personal loss that we record the death of Donovan Tagg (UK), at the age of 74, on the eve of the 1988 TC3 European Conference on Computers in Education (ECCE '88). His name has been closely associated with the IFIP Technical Committee on Education (TC3) for twenty years. He was awarded the Silver Core in 1983 for his editorial services on .TC3 publications, and this work continued right up to the summer of 1988 with his co-editorship of an anthology of 25 years of TC3 publications and of the proceedings of ECCE '88, the, latter being dedicated to his memory. In addition to performing editorial tasks, he served as an active member of WG 3.1 for twenty years and also joined WG 3.2 in 1981.

His work for IFIP was preceded by a range of activities in the computer education field in Britain. He was the first Chairman of the British Computer Society’s (BCS) Schools Committee in 1963.

His dedication to both the BCS and IFIP was accompanied at all times by a unique charm and deep concern for his fellows. Wise advice, encouragement and practical help were never lacking. We both have warm memories and deep gratitude to him for the contribution he made to many publications. It was wonderful to have a co-editor with such a fine eye to detail, who would spend so much time on the task, taking particular care to assist authors whose first language was not English.

Bob Lewis, chairman of WG 3.3

Frank Lovis, chairman of WG 3.5

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