Alexander Nevsky: Film Music Study Materials

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Complete film

Phi icon Play the 1986 restored version of the complete 1938 original [1:48:28, 2.3 gig]. This version has been given legible English subtitles. Timecode has been added throughout the film: this allows for the exact and standardised referencing (pinpointing) of visual and sonic events (see cue listing).
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Seven movements from Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky Cantata, Op. 78, sync-ed with scanned-in piano reduction (YouTube postings by ‘VitaliyGR’ [cui gratias agimus]).

  1. Under the Mongolian Yoke
  2. Song about Alexander Nevsky
  3. The Crusaders in Pskov
  4. Arise, Ye Russians
  5. Battle on the Ice
  6. Field of the Dead
  7. Alexander’s Entry into Pskov

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Cue listing

under preparation (v. provisional Excel )

About the timecoded complete film

  1. Timecode runs throughout, except when it’s essential to see the bottom righ corner of the screen.
  2. Subtitles are based on existing versions but have been made easier to read and understand.

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