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[Tagg] var så vennlig å foreslå en fremgangsmåte
– en metode tilpasset populærmusikk
(Yngvar Steinholt, Rockens rolle i Russland, Forskning i Norge, 2003*)

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Since January 2010 I’m back in the UK where I’m currently Visiting Professor at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Salford (UK). As a pensioner  I’m more available to do things for institutions other than those that used to employ me. The ‘things’ I might be available to do include:

• External examining
• Course consultancy
I'm fluent in English, Swedish and French, semi-conversant in Italian and German, and able to read Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and Norwegian (but not nynorsk) without too much difficulty.


Graduate supervision
Some completed dissertations supervised |

If you are interested in pursuing research into a topic relating to my areas of interest (music semiotics, music analysis, music and the moving image, musicology of the media etc.), and if you wish to contact me for consultation or about supervision, it is best, before you send any written proposal, if we can discuss your ideas either in person or over the phone (in English, ou en français, eller på svenska). If you are interested, please contact me by email first of all, letting me know at which phone number or at which Skype address you can be reached at what time of which day[s]. Although retired, I I’m affiliated as Visiting Professor with Leeds Beckett University and the University of Salford (UK) if you need to be registered officially at a university.  

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Short courses, seminars, workshops and lectures

Since retiring I am available to give short courses, seminars, workshops, lectures and other types of presentation. 

I have run many workshops/seminars, lasting for between 2 and 10 days, in popular music analysis for a group of between 10 and 20 participants. These workshops follow the general form given for the courses Popular Music Analysis and Analyse de la musique populaire. Teaching has been in English, French or Swedish, and discussions have been held in any of those languages, or, with local help, in Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese or Spanish. I have previously run such workshops for the: Musikvidenskablig Institut, Københavns Universitet (Denmark, 1979, 1995); Cursos latinoamericanos de música contemporânea (Brazil, 1984); Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Brisbane/Gold Coast (Australia, 1997 and 1999); Diplomado Internacional de la Semiologia Musical, Escuela Nacional de Musica and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (1998 and 2008); Department of Music, University of Hong Kong (2003); Dipartimento de musicologia, Università di Padua (Italy, 2003), the University of Rio de Janeiro (UniRio, June 2004); the University of Montevideo (Uruguay, July 2004); Université de Tours François Rabelais (2007). More recently I have run workshops or seminars at the Universidad de Chile (Facultad de Artes, Santiago de Chile, August 2013) and at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tallinn, March 2015).

I am also available for one-off lectures, presentations and consultations. You will find a list of my guest teaching and lecturing experience on this site. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Contact details.  Curricula vitae

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Liverpool courses

Details of courses I used to teach at the University of Liverpool are no longer on line, except for Popular Music Analysis. However, most course materials and all student work from my Liverpool days (1991-2002) are still accessible from this site.

Memo about noise in the Pilkington Building (relevant to issue of low awareness of soundscape]).

Course material development 2010-
Music Analysis  

Reception tests and VVA classification
Music's Meanings
Interobjectivity: structures, musemes, IOCM, PMFCs
Anomalies of Interval Counting
• Basic
• more stuff not there

Music & Moving Image
Musemes in the Mission (PowerPoint)
• stuff not there yet
• more stuff not there


Music's Meanings — a 21st-century musicology for musos and non-musos
Info & download link

Everyday Tonality II — towards a tonal theory of what most people hear
Info & download link

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*Translation of Norwegian quote: He was kind enough to suggest an approach, a method adapted to popular music (thanks, Yngvar!)