Donation Rationale at MMMSP

As a pensioner I can’t go on running this site without covering at least a part of what it actually costs. For example:

● $600 for 20 ISBN numbers (different each time for e-book and
   hard copy, for each new edition, etc.)
● $180/year for donation and e-book distribution services

That's before factoring in fees for web hosting services, site-indexing, broad-band subscription and usage, phone calls, etc., not to mention replacement of software and hardware. E-book donations also help subsidise the production of hard-copy books. I honestly make no profit!

On the other hand, I don’t see why students, especially those in non-OECD nations, should have to pay ‘first-world’ prices (and I don’t see why anyone should pay JSTOR prices!) for accessing knowledge and ideas about the sort of music that most people hear on an everyday basis. That’s why the books I put on line can be downloaded by those who donate as little as £2.50 towards the running of my site (including the MMMSP pages).

I would willingly transfer the running of this site to others. So, if you'd like to take over responsibility for this service, please do not hesitate to contact me!