Kojak - 50 Seconds of Television Music


If you find other errors in the text, please tell us.

p. 54. Three short sentences are missing from the top of the page. Up to the word “criticism” the text should read as follows:

There are of course other reasons for the development of musicological formalism which cannot be accounted for in detail in this thesis. However, one aspect of relevance to this study does deserve mention. We are referring to the rise of mass-produced Trivialmusik during the nineteenth century and its effects on musical [criticism].

p.207, footnote 439: Out Of Nowhere is not by Cole Porter but by Johnny Green and Edward Heyman (1931). Once In A While is by Michael Edwards and Bud Green (Miller Music Inc. 1937). Thanks to Luis Jure (Montevideo) for pointing out these errors.

p. 314, line 3: insert ‘is’ between ‘MSs’ and ‘more’.

Biibliography. The reference to Leech (1999) in footnote 490 (p. 225) needs entering into the bibliography as follows:

Leech, Charles. The Metasemiotics of Classical Music & Film: The Recontextualisation of Strauss and Wagner in Pop Culture. 1999, Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology, PhD, Centre for Media Policy and Practice.

List of Musical References. Please correct according to footnote 439, p. 207, ftnt. 439.